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No Time For Hamza

I've haven't yet seen what our very try-hard "International man of Mythtery" Hamza Tzortsiz said, just the tweet he posted about it...
I was given 2 minutes to speak to the World Atheist Convention & invited them to intellectually engage with us #wac11 @MuslimMatters @iERAuk
So, 2 minutes Hamza? Count your blessings baby; I wouldn't have given you that.
Why? Your message is meaningless.

I can’t say what description or definition those in attendance would give of atheism; each atheist states the one which she or he is most comfortable, but I'm quite sure some of them would mirror my view.

For me atheism means there is no god/allah/teapot.
I therefore do not care what your precious book says about the god it proposes.

If you or any other religious person (check that for polite!) attempt to tell me that you have the answers, written down centuries ago by a prophet from a god, I may only comprehend from that one, more, or all of the following....
A. You are a Charlatan making gold from the poor as all clergy.
B. You are Deluded and therefore dangerous.
C. You have found evidence for god in a book which was written so that you will find evidence for god! Really, what else did you expect to find in there?
D. You are promoting allegiance to a brutally restrictive authoritarian manifesto and claim it's perfect because it's written by your god - yes, the same god who does not exist.
E. You have convinced yourself there is an omnipotent god/allah/teapot without a shred of evidence. I find therefore that I am unable to trust you (or any other who believes)
So, I see no way we could come to agreement.
For me it is simple...
There is no god so, the manifesto you promote is based on the lie by which it is enforced.

You seem convinced (I say 'seem' because of point A. above) that this document is the way to perfect and peaceful society, whereas, I can only see it as the blueprint for an authoritarian dictatorship over obedient drones.

You see paradise, I see North Korea or, more precisely, I see Big Brother of George Orwell’s "1984"

You find comfort in the pretending, I see a paranormal prison whose purpose is to enslave humanity.

Don't be mad, Hamza, it's not personal and it's not exclusively Islam I feel this way about, it's all the fascist faiths.
However the unholy trinity Judaism, Christianity and Islam offend my DNA the most.

The only way you (or any religious person) can truly have dialogue with me is when you come to realise that your religion is merely another system of governance and, because there is no all-powerful deity, it has no divine right to rule the world.

So here we are at the end and I suppose there's only one thing left to say you offered me a platform recently to debate the points I'd made against your lecture.
To which you still haven't responded by the way

I declined but have reconsidered; I am now provisionally willing to accept...

I will share a stage and debate with you when twelve months have elapsed in which no woman, man or child has been killed, maimed or otherwise physically or psychological persecuted or damaged because of Islam or Shariah law.
In case you were wondering, I consider circumcision to be maiming and prayer five times a day to be brainwashing!

Sadly, I guess you aren't going to be sending a taxi for me any time soon.

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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