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21 days in May
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The Intellectually Dishonest Islamists

The guy in this video, Adnan Rashid, is supposed to be a professor. (If you are a student, I hope for your education's sake you can see beyond, what I believe to be his patent intellectual dishonesty.) The guy behind the camera, showing equal intellectual dishonesty, is our favourite promoter of idiocy; Islamist clown & international man of mythtery, Hamza "I'm not European, I'm Greek" Tzortzis.
Anyway the video is supposed to be a response to conversations which Adnan and Hamza had with various prominent atheists at the World Atheist Conference in Dublin, but as far as I can see they've just made stuff up!


If this is what passes for truth in Islam then it's little wonder that Islamists have no doubt that Islam is the 'religion of peace'.

Here's is the truth of what went down...
This is Adnan's original question to Richard Dawkins and Mr Dawkins, although initially partisan, genuinely truthful response.


This is the Hamza/PZMyers conversation filmed by skyzthelimi7

Part 1

Part 2

And, just by way of confirmation, this is exactly the same piece produced by 'Islamic Education and Research Academy' (If only that were true, eh?). It's recoded on the very expensive Sony camera that you can see in skyzthelimi7's video (which makes one wonder, where is the funding coming from?)

Please feel compelled to nip along to Youtube click dislike on Adnan & Hamza'a video. It's not nearly as harsh a battering as it deserves but it's the best we can do :(
Oh, and if you like, you can click here to search Youtube for the same video - You will find a number of copies, reposted by Hamza's Islamist groupies (In an attempt, I presume, to spread their Porky pies, to as many viewers as possible.)
As a side thought here is intellectual dishonesty on this scale slanderous to those being misrepresented?
Also, If you've got the time, you can find Maryam Namazie's keynote speech on her blog post "Islamic inquisition" It's well worth the read. Maryam has also responded to the accusations Adnan made about her speech in his video above in he blog post "Sharia law does bear strange fruit."

Update - 13th June

Atheist Alliance International recorded Maryam's speech and the Q&A after it...


Really boys, did you think we would not spot such intellectual dishonesty?
Perhaps you think we're some easily fooled bronze age desert dweller, possibly called Muhammad, or something?

If you are Muslim, please do something about this group's deceptive nonsense, they are making it look like all Muslims are this dishonest.

If you want to see more of Hamza's wordplay and philosophical sophisms click here

Update 30th June

In response to the claims made by Adnan Rashid in his conversation with PZ myers above (about what the Qur'an says about embryology) here's an apparently properly researched, very enlightening video about the reality of the situation...

There are multiple and various links to much of the information he references in the video on the 'more' info box Youtube
Finally, here's a link to an academic refutation of the Quranic embryological claims
Ansering Islam - Embryo
http://youtu.be/ZDAgAW3q9c0(Thanks to @Boydsleator for finding and passing it to me.)
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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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