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Savage Islam 6 - False Prophet

About that man Muhammad…
I despise the Qur'an's fucked up view of idolatry. The Qur'an is against idolatry isn't it?
An idol is a person or item which is singled out, held higher than the crowd. Often statues or paintings are created in the honour of the 'revered one'.
In Islam, followers are indoctrinated to violently oppose images of Muhammad.
However, by endeavouring to following the spirit of the book and avoid misplaced idolatry their very protection of Muhammad's lack of an image, bestows upon Muhammad honours not given to others, whom are consider 'lesser mortals'. Muhammad is the 'revered one', segregated from the masses, singled out for special treatment and held higher than the crowd.
How is that very protection not idolatry?
How is a pilgrimage to the cave at Hira not idolatry?
How is a pilgrimage to Mecca not idolatry?
How is a playing ring o' ring o' religious death-race around the big black box not idolatry?
How is holding one man’s words above another’s not idolatry?

Yet Islam is promoted as the no idol faith!
Does that seem quite fucked up to you too?

And about the cave at Hira…

This is a very interesting video which gives some interesting grounding and background to the point I’m making next. It’s not necessary to watch it, it’s here if you’d like to.
"Michael Shermer: The pattern behind self-deception" - http://youtu.be/b_6-iVz1R0o

All Muhammad’s 'conversations' with the Jinn or Jibril (Gabriel) (depending on what you believe) were in a small cave (3.5 m long and 1.6 m wide)
Muhammad spent various lengths of time over a three year period up in that exposed mountain cave, so I think he would perhaps have had a fire, maybe even a constant fire.
In the tale of the visitations I understand that Muhammad said the visitor strangled him. See "Why Muhammad Did Not See an Angel in the Cave." (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qFjcHqurgk) if you want evidence
Is this possible evidence of smoke inhalation?
His fire could easily have, simultaneously decreased the available oxygen and increased the carbon monoxide.
In such a confined space, this would likely have induced a state of hypoxia. Lack of oxygen inside and then rushing outside to the fresh mountain air would produce violent trembling a shaking as the body re-oxygenated and endured the shock.
(I've a lot of experience of asthma. I know about oxygen deprivation)
Could this Hypoxia not have produced the feelings of euphoria, out of body experiences and hallucinations that would account for his experiences in the cave?
I think it could.
Would the prolonged and possibly addictive oxygen starvation highs have produce a highly complex psychosis built on his desire to find solutions to his society’s ills?
I reckon this is also highly plausible.

As with almost all people of his time Muhammad would have had a strong supernatural component to his world-view. He wrote the Qur’an almost three centuries after Rome fell to Christianity, so he already knew of the power of the Hebrew god and the angel Gabriel, the old and new testaments had been around for at least half a millennium, and the Jesus stories would have been widely known.  As people who already believe in the supernatural are proven to see patterns where there are none, he would also more prone to this phenomena.

In this state of diminished rationality and heightened suggestibility Muhammad would have totally believed, with a conviction, that he had seen Jinn/Jibril, in the same way as Joan of Arc totally believed, or how any schizophrenic human may totally believe they have heard voices, seen visions etc.

If the Hypoxia theory cannot be disproved, and barring direct evidence that Muhammad had no fire, I don't see how it can, is it not more reasonable to simply assume that Muhammad's revelations are merely hypoxia induced hallucinations of a man with a predisposition to ‘spiritual’ fantasy?
I think it's very probable.
And the manifesto born of that man’s hallucinations? A life-limiting regime which crushes all truly free creativity. Music, poetry, art, sculpture, literature etc. every form of human expression that is about human existence is stifled by the doctrine.
Do you think human creativity should be jailed inside the walls of his religiously sanctioned prison?
I wholeheartedly vehemently think not!

Maybe you’ll disagree but for me the Qur'an’s core message is...
“Bollocks to your freedom, Muhammad will dictate how you think! 
And if you don’t think it 'the right way' the regime will persecute you to death.”

How can anyone who believes in democracy not be offended by each mosque?
How can anyone who believes in freedom not be offended by a burqa?
How can anyone who believes in liberty not be offended by the Qur'an?

To this free thinking, free spirited Celt,
Muhammad’s book is not merely a religion,
it is the manifesto for an evil totalitarian regime,
a liberty crushing political system

which has declared war on human freedom.

Will I battle to the last to bring it down?
Would You?

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This is one of the Too Many Questions

PEACE (As-Salamu Alaykum)

Please Note
Before this post was written,

Allah was asked to prevent its publication if he thought it offensive or blasphemous.
He did not, therefore it's sanctioned.


If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
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Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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