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The Beastly Sins Of The Seven Fathers?

I've just read the article - Catholic Church 'knew' paedophiles were recidivist as far back as 1963 by Ruth Gledhill - Times Online - WBLG: Link. The article is no longer available but the letter is here, page 13.

...a letter sent to the Pope in 1963 from a leader in the field of treatment of paedophile priests, warning that they were incorrigibly recidivist...

...In the 1960s his Church opened a special centre in Gloucestershire treating priests involved in sexual abuse including child abuse. It was run by an order that had warned the then Pope in 1963 about this compulsion...
On detailed inspection, this letter alone reveals that from 1963 the popes were fully aware of the scale abuse and the complexity of the situation. It screams that the church knew almost everything. The language used is assumptive of the pope's comprehension, there’s a longevity in it's wording, a long knowing, there's shorthand and no explanations. There is nothing in this that suggests the pope would be shocked. This letter was, I suggest, addressing a person who had detailed prior knowledge of the entire disastrous situation.

Anyway here we go - enjoy(?)
The LetterAnalysis
August 27, 1963

Most Holy Father:

Let me begin by thanking Your Holiness from the bottom of my heart on behalf of myself, Father Edward Woeber our assistant general and the Servants of the Holy Paraclete for the gracious audience of August 26. In accordance with Your Holiness’ desire I am summarizing some convictions on the problem of the problem priest that our (1)forty years in the priesthood and some twenty years of working exclusively in the Paraclete apostolate to help priests have crystallized in our soul.
(1)Forty years!
The letter is dated 1963 so going back 40 years from that date we get...
So the church knew almost a century ago!
That spans the tenure of 7 popes!
1Benedict XVI2005 –        
2John Paul II1978 – 2005
3John Paul I1978 – 1978
4Paul VI1963 – 1978
5John XXIII1958 – 1963
6Pius XII1939 – 1958
7Pius XI1922 – 1939
1) I believe the natural qualities and virtues of aspirants to the priesthood should be (2)more carefully observed before they are segregated and channeled towards the priesthood. To be a good priest, and only the good priest is the successful priest, the aspirant must be naturally of a generous and cheerful character. I am speaking now of the priest whose vocation is the so-called active vocation. Too many even good men but self-centred reach the priesthood.(2)Infers that the church was previously applying inefficient, ineffectual or incompetent observation of aspiring priests.
2) On this natural, generous and cheerful temperament the years of formation should be built and develop, side by side, the head and the heart into a unique partnership for God and with God. The brilliant priest is a liability rather than an asset to the Church unless, as in the case of Augustine and Aquinas, there is the warmth of a personal love for God and a natural humility that recognizes that the most brilliant intellect is shining only with the light reflected from the infinity of Divine Truth. Unfortunately there is an understandable temptation to consider the (3)brilliant student as adequate for the priesthood without a deep scrutiny of his interior spirit.(3)Infers that the previous policy was...
If the aspiring priest has smarts, ask no questions. Evidence of the church's long term self-serving demeanour.
3) There has been an alarming increase in the present era of priestly casualties. A neo-paganism has arisen. Christian modesty is at a low ebb (note Our Lord’s comment to the children of F...) and the priest who is walking and working in the midst of neo-paganism cannot but be affected by his environment. A century ago a parish priest in his rectory and a religious in his monastery had comparatively much less exposure to the world, the flesh and the (4)devil. His only means of survival today is a very real and personal interior life which is equivalently and effectively the life of a constant union with Christ motivated by personal love and sustained by abiding prayer and mortification. When these elements fail to be present, or to be maintained, the (5)casualties are bound to be multiplied. The present conditions could have been easily (6)predicted and are not in themselves surprising.(4)It’s obviously the devil’s doing! Because he’s really real you know!

(5)Casualties! A delightfully tactful way to describe CHILD RAPES.

(6)Predicted! Hey top Vatican blokes, If you’d taken your heads out of your messiah's big fat arse thousands of CHILD RAPES could have been avoided.
4) Having analysed raison d’ĂȘtre for the increased casualties let us now consider how they should be treated. This calls classification and along two lines:
a) the (7)length of time the priest in trouble has been in trouble;
b) classification according to the character of his problem and his own individual character. This last element is the (8)most vital factor in the prediction of his recovery.
Under the first class, obviously the priest who comes on penitential retreat after (9)long years of habitual sin will need a different treatment, if only in duration, than the priest whose fall is a first fall and who has had the good fortune to be brought up swiftly with the seriousness of his situation. Here we recommend to the Hierarchy the value of an ordered retreat which may well serve a priest from becoming hopelessly enmeshed. We have had (10)priests say to us: “Father if I had only come here on retreat a year ago, or two years ago, I would not now be under the (11)grave censure of the Church.
(7)Longevity of knowledge.

(8)It takes many cases for someone to come to this knowledge.

(9)Speaks to the vatican's longevity of knowledge about what it takes to 'cure' the paedophile priests.

(10)Priests – plural again!

(11)The priests themselves displaying that the censure of the church was the most annoying consequence of there actions. This statement should have been "I wouldn’t have destroyed all those babies."
5) The corrective remedies to be applied and their effectiveness will obviously depend upon the good will and character of the individual. Problems that arise from abnormal, homosexual tendencies are going to call for, not only spiritual, but understanding (12)psychiatric counselling. Personally I am not sanguine of the return of priests to active duty who have been addicted to abnormal practices, especially sins with the young. However, the (13)needs of the Church must be taken into consideration and activation of priests who have (14)seemingly recovered in this field may be considered but is only recommended where careful guidance and supervision is possible. Where there is indication of incorrigibility, because of the tremendous scandal given, I would most earnestly recommend total laicization. I say “total” designedly because when these men are taken before civil authority the non-Catholic world definitely blames the discipline of celibacy for the perversion of these men. They argue – rightly or wrongly – that these men turn to boys because they are denied the right of marriage.(12)The catholic church has repeatedly stated that they did not understand the situation.

(13)More evidence of the church's self-serving demeanour.

(14)Seemingly! - "It's okay, we'll risk it! They're only children after all!"
6) As for the (15)priests who has entered civil marriage, or who has (16)for years lived in concubinage, for the lifting of scandal and the elimination of the sacrilege arising from living in habitual sin as, above all, for the salvation of souls which is the Church’s reason for being I believe where there is no other invalidating impediment these unions should be quietly validated with the final punitive sanction eliminating any hope of priestly rehabilitation.(15)Plural again.

(16)Speaks to Vatican knowledge of the longevity of wrong doing.
7) The fear that this would encourage others doubtlessly has some weight but is it not true that the Church for centuries has granted dispensation from the solemn vows of religion – both men and women – if they insist and yet this has not made a notable change in the determination of the vast majority of religious to live [and] die within the voluntary renunciation of their vows. Moreover, there must be a realistic recognition of the fact that the (17)average priest who sins with a woman has no intention of abandoning his priestly life on a permanent basis and hence is not seeking an out from the priesthood. Moreover, (18)the knowledge that priests were abiding in priestly self-discipline by an abiding personal choice rather than the onus of vindictive law would bring a deeper respect for the priesthood (19)in the long range esteem of the Roman Catholic priesthood before the world.(17)Other infractions of the vow of celibacy are long known.

(18)Oh really? Priests being what they say they are, and are expected to be, without being forced - That would be a good thing? WOW! Insightful. Well, it would be better than them being CHILD RAPISTS anyway!

(19)And, as commendable as it is for the heads up it gave, the last words in the letter once again point toward the churches reputation.
AUGUST 27, 1963
(Very Rev.) Gerald M. C. Fitzgerald, s.P.
Superior General
Servants of the Holy Paraclete

Given that this letter is dated long before the pope was granted immunity from prosecution by George W. Bush, one must assume that the immunity was requested because the vatican knew what was coming and rather than own up and take responsibility they chose to deflect, to blame others, deny awareness of the dire situation and PROTECT THE POPE AT ALL COSTS! Exactly the sort of devious behaviour that in recent weeks we have come to expect from this gang of pompous snivelling fuckwits.
And about that immunity from prosecution - Hmmm - forgive me if I am being stupid here but why would an infallible being need immunity from prosecution? Doesn't infallible mean that you are never going to need immunity because you never going to do anything to require immunity from! Way to prove your Fallibility!
So, I suppose the conclusion is... we should arrest the pope and put him on trial for overlooking and concealing multiple crimes of paedophilia. And, while we're at it, we might as well posthumously try the previous 6 popes also.
I know it's hard in the current sleaze but I wholeheartedly wish you all happy thoughts. Personally, I feel like I'm covered in catholic, I'm going for a shower!

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Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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