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21 days in May
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A Letter To The Future

I don't even know if this is a good idea, there are arguments for and against but it IS an idea and I thought I shouldn't be the censor of it so, instead, I'm hanging it out for you guys to dry, so to speak.

Open letter to all followers of the catholic faith who have suffered abuse,

Firstly, my commiserations, as an atheist I cannot begin to understand what this does to your perception of faith and, as someone who has never suffered abuse, I cannot begin to understand the affect being abused by a respected proponent of that faith had on you but you have my thoughts and anger.

And so to my point,

Many Sufferers of abuse have already had the courage to come forward and relay the injustices of the abuses against them but I sense there's probably another group who, whilst they do have the courage to speak out, do not have the opportunity because of current life circumstances. It is totally understandable that a person would not want to disrupt the good life they have now.
So, I ask all who have ever suffered abuse but especially this group, if you feel you cannot reveal the offences against you, please try to write a letter to the future.
I've heard it is commonly considered good therapy to 'write-it-out', so it may be of personal benefit to do so. I'd like to suggest however that your letter carry a purpose beyond therapy. Provide as many facts as you can of names, locations and dates of offences, so telling as detailed an account as you can of the offences of abuse against you.
When you are done, post that letter to yourself. When it arrives, write on the back. Stipulate that it is not to be opened until after your death, or at some other date farther in the future. Then simply store it with your other private papers and forget about it.
The Roman Catholic church isn't going anywhere soon, they're going to be around for a good while yet and, as the church is worth billions and has already paid out billions in compensation, there are bound to be funds put aside for the future care of those who have suffered because of their wilful negligence.
Even if you cannot, understandably, for whatever reason face the inquiry into your abuse please leave a record. So that in time the church can attempt to make amends for its inaction, and contribute to the care of any psychological problems your family may have indirectly suffered because of the abuse you endured.
But further, as I suggested, this simple letter may help bring into the light of the public arena the full extent of the church's organized deception and concealment of the perpetrators. I feel humanity needs to be able to truly comprehend the scale of abuses which have been concealed by the Roman Catholic church.

If you know someone who was abused support and encourage them to, if not come forward, then to at least write a letter to the future.

Please, the world needs eventually to know!

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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