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The Cost of Faith

Are you religious?
What is the cost of YOUR faith?

I am utterly convinced now, that the only reason sentient people choose to have spiritual faith is because they are too weak to face their own or their loved one's mortality.
I am equally also convinced that the general opinion, that "it's good to have religious faith" is humanity's most extreme falsehood. There is an ethos, a feeling, of
"Let her believe whatever gives her comfort;
what harm does it do?"

What harm does it do!!!!

Examine the cost of your religious CHOICE to believe that your fanciful scripture is true.
What is the cost of that weakness?
  • ALL deaths caused by the phrase 'God told me to do it'
  • Every Person of faith who interfered with a child
  • The numerous victims of 'honour' murders
  • The Persecution because of sexuality
  • Those persecuted because they believe the wrong fairy story
  • All lives lost when this or that religion undertakes a, shall we say, 'purity drive'.
  • The wasted lives of brainwashed Suicide bombers and their victims
Those innocent lives extinguished before their full measure of days, or psychologically damaged beyond repair, are ALL because you want to believe your childish 'comforting' fairy stories.

"Don't be so silly..."
the religious would I suspect reply 
"...I'm religious and I'm not killing or assaulting."

Maybe not, but you are perpetuating the myth - If spiritual nonsense was ridiculed, like any other supposedly supernatural entities, then those who choose an extreme path, would not have god as an excuse, or 'paradise eternal' as an incentive.
Spiritual faith is flim-flam, fakery to appease the weak, and far from 'merely a harmless comfort in an hour of need', it is a cancerous growth on the face of reason, a strident, forceful, buggering, middle finger to those who value rational behaviour over voodoo.

If you are religious, or spiritual, the cost of those deaths is on your hands. The blood spilled by those, whose only difference to you is in the extent to which they believe the fairy story, is a putrid stain on humanity, you and your faith share the blame, and all because you are too weak to accept reality.
Your continuing belief is an embarrassment
Your weakness gets the innocent dead.
while you continue to promote your chosen delusion,
you dare not call yourselves people of peace and love.
You make me sick.
Where did this opinion come from?
Check the news daily for religious idiots, doing their religious idiot stuff.

It's sadly plentiful

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I'll let Laci Green have the final word, as she says it so eloquently...

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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