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21 days in May
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Irish Blasphemy Law - Discriminatory?

I read an interesting blog about a European Union directive which plans to combat discrimination by ending the exclusivity of faith schools, allowing non-believers to attend. It could also clear the path for Gay marriage in church.
“Ooh that’s good” I thought; you know, how you do when something’s good and concluded “I bet ‘the deluded community’ aren’t chuffed” as I browsed for answers.
Mostly, various liberal dollops of disgust are spread thickly across the Christian web media; they are not chuffed and all are, largely, reporting that Roman Catholic Bishops are calling the EU equality law an instrument of oppression!
Set me thinking, how can a law FOR equality and AGAINST discrimination be an “instrument of oppression”?
Catholic Bish’s couldn’t be misunderstanding, misinterpreting or misrepresenting, could they?
Or, are the bishops up in arms because the directive removes their authoritarian brainwashing position; their 'right' to indoctrinate their flock, the way they see fit? 
Or are they starting to understand the meaning of free speech? (ROFLMAO)

Is it because faith schools ability to manipulate the tender minds of its pupils will be usurped by multi-faith intake?
Should atheist parents seek out faith schools to send their children too?

So Many questions, but floating to the top of murky understanding was Ireland's brand new blasphemy law.
Can this EU directive be applied
to Ireland's (or any) Blasphemy Law?
Could it usurp it completely?
Is Ireland's (or any) blasphemy law
discriminatory against atheists?
The simple fact is, it is never going to be possible for an atheist to claim offence against a prayer, hymn, ritual, or other 'witch-doctory' - one cannot be offended by 'words against god', when one's belief is there is no god.
It is therefore intrinsically discriminatory to bring a law whose very nature is designed, not only to exclude the opinion of a minority(currently) group, but to compound the discrimination with punitive measures.
As it is the nature of humans to air their views,
Atheists will become the most persecuted under this (or any) blasphemy law.


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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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