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21 days in May
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Israel and Palestine - a love story?

Israel and Palestine - a love story?

I am too cross to think about this with my usual fluidity, so this blog is not up to my usual thought standards.
I hope you'll excuse its somewhat disjointed nature.

Over 50 million humans died in WWII - 6 million of those where Jewish humans - simple math - that's only 12 percent of the entirety of human life that was extinguished in those years of insanity.
One could easily also say 88 percent of people who died were not Jewish humans.

Now I have every sympathy for those whose lives were so horrifically extinguished and for those suffering guilt of survival but have a look at yourselves Jewish humans - are you really this, this bomb first and ask questions later?

Do the humans of Palestine really deserve to be persecuted by you?
You are Goliath to their David.
How good would we all be feeling about the David and Goliath story, if Goliath had kicked David's ass all around the place?

We'd call Goliath bully!

Is that what you are Jewish humans?

"Ahh but," the Jewish humans say, "They bomb and rocket us! It is our right of defence! You would do the same." They say, all defensive and uppetty in their own 'god's chosen children' attitude, which we all know so well!

As an atheist that attitude is a massive problem for me.
There is no proof of a soul, right!
If there is no evidence of a soul, then the argument for any God is irrelevant.
Until there is proof of a soul, all religion is no more than speculation - 'it would be nice if' etc.

These Jewish humans BELIEVE that they are the 'chosen people of the maker of the entire universe' and they behave as though the myth they've made up is true.

This is abhorrent to me in the extreme, and taking delusion way beyond fairy stories into the realm of elitism.
I find therefore no alternative but to draw parallel with another elitist doctrine, and am thereby shocked to find intolerable similarities between the ideologies of persecuted and persecutor of WWII

  • The Jewish humans inhibit the Palestinian humans movement
  • The Jewish humans persecute the Palestinian humans lives
  • The Jewish humans imprison the Palestinian humans
  • The Jewish humans segregate themselves from the Palestinian humans
  • Given the choice, would the Jewish humans choose to eradicate the Palestinian humans? - If they are honest, they'd say yes!

Remember Israel, the country you occupy was given to you, (because of the story you made up) YOU are the usurpers; the palestinians have lived there from the day your fable says you left for greener pastures until the 1950's. And since you've had land to call your own, you've battered every neighbour with your right to be there!

I'm not racist, to me you're all just humans, whom happen to have been born somewhere in what is loosely termed the middle east. To me it is only what you choose to believe which separates you. Can't you see that if you stop choosing to believe, give up you chosen rituals and just be humans, you are all the same.

Tear down the wall and embrace your brothers and sisters. Women of Israel and Palestine, leave your homes, fill the streets and stop letting ancient outdated doctrine ruin your children's lives

We are but one human race! And you are your government!

By your own story you were the original people, ever heard the phrase - you can chose your friends but not your rel's. You may not be your god's favourite flavour of humanity anymore - who can blame him - if he's looking down on Gaza!

This is one of the Too many questions

PEACE       Crispy

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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