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Baptiser Beware

If, when having her daughter baptised, a mother had to sign a document, a letter to the future adult that baby girl will become, that details in plain English, what is expected of a woman in the religion into which she is being enrolled, I wondered how many mothers would sign their child over to that doctrine?

By way of an example...

Dear daughter,

I've not thought about it much but because everyone else believes, I believe that it is only right and proper for you my sweet, sweet girl, to be the property of your husband.
I think further, as our faith tells us, that he should beat you if you get out of hand.
You should serve him because you are inferior - the god in which we believe says this in his book, so it must be true.
I hereby commit you to a lifetime of slavery and guilt at the hands this male dominated and male favouring institution.
Welcome to a lifetime of second class citizenship in the men's club. I hope you hate being subservient as much as I have.
Oh by the way, in this religion we slice out your clitoris in the most painful and traumatising way, and no you don't have a choice. You'll probably get an infection and end up totally mutilated but who gives a fuck eh?

Yours, the ever uncaring, stone hearted bitch who you've had the misfortune to call mother.

I know that was somewhat tongue in cheek but you get the idea, if the responsibilities and status of the woman were spelled out clearly and the mother had to sign the document, do you think they would?

As no child can have a say in the rules of the doctrine into which she is being sold, shouldn't a document like this be a legal requirement in the naming and enslaving rituals performed by religions?

As far as I'm concerned the Universal Declaration of Human Rights should not be a document to which governments agree to abide by, the declaration should be viewed and classed as a human birthright, unbreakable, non-negotiable and irrevocable. If you are human you have them!
All humans should be able to appeal to the UN for protection under the Declaration of Human rights.

Why is The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
 not already the swaddling
 in which every baby is wrapped at birth?

 While it is not, religions will continue to enslave on a daily basis.
  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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