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Magic And Mumbo Jumbo Test

In a situation where you are dealing with the apparently inexplicable, do you instantly jump to a supernatural explanation?
If so, you are not alone.
The great majority of the human race have not yet managed to evade the pervasive Religio-Magical background noise that is generated by those who offer supernatural explanations for the unexplained in the world. Those traditions of our primitive past that infest our collective consciousness and infringe on individual thought processes, projecting magical solutions where none are required.
However, as these are primitive coping strategies, they are very easily countered with modern day magic, the power of reason.

So, as an antidote to the caveman’s magical solution route that you have been trained from birth to follow, when next faced with a suspected supernatural happenstance, give Crispy Sea’s patented “Magic & Mumbo Jumbo Test” a try.

1. Think about an unexplained event that you’ve experienced, or one that you’ve heard about.
2. Construct ANY set of events or circumstances by which that experience could have come about by NATURAL means.
As an example a friend told me this tale...“When I woke up I found a earring under my pillow. I’d never seen it before. It was a teardrop-shaped diamond about the size of a sunflower seed on a gold stud for a pierced ear. How on earth did it get there? Spooky eh? Do you think it might be a message from b-e-yyy-o-n-d?!?”
3. If you can think of one natural set of events which could bring it about, that one natural set, however apparently unlikely or contrived, is still vastly more likely than any supernatural explanation.
4. If you however cannot think a set of events, this is not proof of the experience's super-nature, this merely means that you have not been able to think of a set which explains it.
5. Ask someone cleverer.
6. If they cannot think of circumstances, keep asking until you find someone who can think of one.
7. When you have asked everyone in the world for an explanation and nobody has provided a set of natural events to explain the experience. Then and only then, You could, as a very last resort, file it under -"Oh well that's unexplained then!"
8. Under no circumstances attribute the supernatural as an explanation, as this invariably leads to other, more rational, humans labelling you as "ALWAYS WRONG". You may even go down in history as the big silly who was always very, very,     very wrong!  (sounds like it might be best to avoid that!)
9. Mystery solved. Congratulations, your event was not supernatural. Please go about you business feeling enlightened.

If you were wondering about the earring...
With all easily explainable routes of how the earring got there exhausted (and no it definitely wasn't another woman's. For sure. ), the teller of the tale had turned to a supernatural 'ghostly message' sort of an answer.
However, upon applying Crispy Sea’s patented “Magic & Mumbo Jumbo Test” (it was the system's test flight... I was a bit nervous!) it was discovered that, far from a supernatural explanation, it was infinitely more likely that a passing magpie had inadvertently dropped the earring which had then bounced off a bush and up though a slightly open window, bouncing off the open wardrobe door and into the bed. With the natural movement of the bed's occupants, the earring had ended up under the pillow.
QED - potentially 'Spooky Haunted House' cleansed. Nonsense quashed before it turned into 'Spooky Haunted House Legend' and all by FREE logic. Remarkable! lol.
While all posts are copyright of the blog's owner, the method of
Crispy Sea’s patented
“Magic & Mumbo Jumbo Test”
(repeatable under lab conditions)
is freely distributable to all those unfortunate afflicted
who still believe in the various forms of spiritual nonsense
to which much of humanity is sadly addicted.

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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