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The Cost of Pretending in God

I saw that this might be a difficult moment for rank and file catholics which is why, attempting to show support, I tweeted...
Tricky for Catholics now eh?
Go to church + look like u condone the abuse,
stay home + look like u don't.Oh wait, that's easy!

I had incorrectly assumed that all catholics would be troubled but choose anyway to stay away in their millions as a protest, but NO! - It appears that the Catholics are so desperate to hang on to their afterlife wet-dream, they'll overlook anything!

It's 'head in the sand' time folks!
Because if they know what's going on, they might have to have change their opinion about their imaginary god's, so called, "representative on earth".
But, if the pope is covering up child abuse on a global scale and the Catholics keep kissing his ring, so to speak, how does that look?

For now though, never mind how it might look, ask yourself...
Where does the catholic church gets its funds?
The faithful fill the collection plate - right?
Well I reckon it's time for all Catholics to take a deep breath, stand up and be counting.
  • Work out how much you have put in the collection plate in your life time.
  • Divide that number by 25
The result will be an approximation of how much money papa Joe's paedo machine has donated to the care of paedophiles priests on your behalf, money which has gone into the paedo's mucky pockets. Money to purchase the favours that greased the paedo priest's path and sweeties to undress the children. Money from the collection plate, which has been used to cover up the abuses!
If I was part of an organisation whose leader had issued instructions to keep child abuse secret I would...
  • call the police,
  • leave that organisation
and possibly, if I had discovered they'd been using my pension fund to protect and support these sickos, I might even be enraged enough to...
  • take a baseball bat to the intimate trouser area of those responsible!
I would NOT
So how is it that nobody in the vatican had the same reaction?
Why did they ALL choose to keep the secret?
Doesn't keeping the secret make you complicit?

In society there are paedophiles also but they are not tolerated. If a paedophile stepped to a human and said "I have recently fucked the faces of 200 children but I am really sorry and I repent", I reckon most humans would want to kick the shit out of him anyway, so that every time he looked in the mirror he'd remember how everyone feels about what he'd done and, so he'd remember what he had repented!
I reckon most humans would NOT
  • Send him for a holiday for a few weeks then give him the children back to play with.
  • Get the victims to sign confidentiality agreements to save the churches reputation.
The numbers suggest 1 in 25 priests are abusers, check 'em yourself in "Millions of clouds no silver lining" - http://crispysea.blogspot.com/2010/02/millions-of-clouds-no-silver-lining.html

Where are the howls of protest from the catholic faithful?
Where are the empty catholic churches
 for the pope's disgracefully ineffectual actions?

If the catholic flock had not been so desperate to buy a seat in the pretender's kingdom the vatican would not have had the funds to feed, cloth, house and shelter these child rapists!

The catholic religion has been an archaic and austere fortress of delusion and educational deformity for centuries, it is now obviously riddled with perversion and corruption. It is seedy to its core, yet it still promotes itself as the voice of morality, and catholics (many of them small children) are still swallowing it!

I cannot understand why there are no angry mobs of catholics stepping to the church's buildings with blazing torches! It is a catholic tradition after all - the way their church has taught by example - to destroy what you don't like...
Can we say -
Witch Hunt - Spanish Inquisition - Conquistadors?
As there are so many other cold stone buildings to stand in
and pretend whatever you want on a Sunday...
Would it really matter if catholicism were torn to the ground?

This is one of the Too many questions

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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