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21 days in May
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No Compulsion In Religion

Only they feel obligated, by family, friend and social group's custom, culture or tradition, to practise the usually misogynistic and paternally prescribed family faith.

Only they feel obliged, by others who have been similarly indentured, to comply with the dogma's imposed compulsions, the pillars, if you will, of the tradition, the subjugation and enslavement of the self to the compulsions the dogma dictates; the imposed prostrations and recitations for supplicants.

Only they, in this haze of normalised oppression, feel the compulsion to spread these toxic tenets, as dictated by the author in this coercive manifesto.

Only they will be implored, bribed and coerced, by elders and "betters" to "conduct yourself properly in the superior ways, as prescribed for us in our unquestionably glorious supreme leader's unquestionably supreme manifesto".

Only they feel compelled to close or open their legs at the times the diktats prescribe.

Only they feel the compulsion to wear the uniform, the scripturally 'commended' religious garb and bling; always aware of the mantra "Purest Piety wins the Prize".

Only they feel the indoctrinated urge to coerce the still free, those not yet obligated to the 'supreme' path, to feel compelled to concede that ONLY this manifesto of coercive diktats, compelling submission to an unproven authority, is supreme above all, and other manifestos, which may seem to claim similarly are inferior counterfeits.

Only they are compelled to believe these "counterfeits" to be the works of demons and those who seek every opportunity to destroy the supreme path set forth by the supreme leader.

Only they fail to notice "there is no compulsion in religion" is a verse born of the doctrinal source of all their spiritual compulsions!

And all, and only, because a manifesto of spurious compulsions, which they were compelled to concede as true, has compelled them, via its coercions, to accept and promote what it compels!

And we, the un-shepherded, who are not they, know this because we have no doctrine and so none of the procedural compulsions to which the totalitarian manifestos compel their despairingly enormous flocks.

As I see it, "there is no compulsion in religion" cannot be described as anything other than wholly false, so the question this time is...

With compulsion being the foundation and scaffolding around which faiths are built, how can anybody who does not notice any of it, to the extent that they can feel comfortable and truthful proclaiming "there is no compulsion in religion" be trusted to even use a spoon without injury?

This is one of the Too Many Questions
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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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