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Your Hate Crime Is Bigger Than My Hate Crime

The lady on the bus...
Hate crime Or frustration?

If one filters out the heart-racing, impassioned and under-educated, the rational translation of the tirade the lady on the bus delivers is...
"My dear ladies I find your disrespect for the hard won customs and practises of this country to be separatist and quite frankly supremacist. If you find our ways abhorrent I would request you take up residency in a country better suited to your political and philosophical preference."

I wholly condemn the abhorrent and abusive implication of violence but her method of delivery owes more to education or lack thereof.
The message is born of frustration; of perceiving that they who were the object of her tirade are disrespecting the country in which they reside, and of hearing over and over from politicians how "we", who truly value this island must accept the interlopers inherent disrespect. The underlying cause was the insertion, not integration, of medieval cultures (1)which do not wish to integrate into a fully formed modern secular society.
While the media and police will likely focus on the direct disrespect perpetrated on the victims and possibly label it a hate-crime, they will likely once again utterly ignore the fact that she did not act in a vacuum; the underlying cause of the lady's outburst was not the lady but the tacit disrespect inherent in brandishing the idolised icons of a supremacist and arguably fascist ideology in the face of the free.
How is wearing the garb of a cult, whose principles are wholly in opposition to our culture's hard won freedoms not advertising a hatred of our culture? How is it not an insult to the memories of all who fell to defend us from fascism? How is it not a hate crime in and of itself?

(1) Please note the distinction "which do not wish to integrate": I fully understand there are former members of these cultures of medieval thought who have thrown off their incarceration and embraced the more rational "couldn't give a monkey's about religion" mentality, more commonly found on this island.

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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