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21 days in May
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Suicide by Compassion

A short while ago the world was gripped by an outbreak of a deadly disease in Africa. Ebola was chasing people to a bloody death left and right, and the pain and suffering streamed to our screens daily. Fortunately the tide of the deadly plague was stemmed and the world relaxed.
What if the plague had become so out of control that hundreds of thousands of people decided the terror and fear and chance of death was so great and so imminent that another country would be more safe and secure? What would have happened? Would those potential plague carriers have been allowed to travel across multiple borders? Offered welcome, regardless of their infection status, in the heart of a mostly healthy different continent?
One would assume there would be armed checkpoints, mandatory testing for the disease and one would further assume testing would include those who are not sick but carriers.
Would anyone question the sense of protecting the healthy from the infected, even if many thousands died waiting to be tested?
I think we'd all agree that proper quarantine measures are good sense; a necessary imposition for protection. And, in a time of good health, most of those suffering under the quarantine would also agree it's a necessary measure.
It's an easy decision to impose a quarantine when the disease is as obvious as Ebola, so clearly a threat, but what about when the disease is not so visible, not physically based but psychological?
What about if the disease is not running rife but only carried by those who have been brought up to tolerate the deformities it inflicts?

I am speaking of course of the ISIS ideological plague that is the current scourge of a big chunk of desert and jungle. The ISIS ideological plague spreads similarly to a biological virus, by finding suitable hosts in which to grow and causing the death of those who do not succumb to its pathology.
Should those who carry such a plague not be quarantined and tested to make sure they will not deliberately or accidentally infect those not previously afflicted with its symptoms?
I understand that those inflicted with similar diseases do not recognise those who carry the ISIS plague, as carriers of a plague, however, those of us who are rational should be encouraging quarantine of these poor befuddled victims of that vile contagion in order to protect the most common casualties of the plague: freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of action.
With protection of these highest held freedoms of humanity in mind I offer the 'ISIS plague carrier's self-identification test' so that victims can recognise their affliction.
The test can be taken by any who follow a dogma of supernatural coercion and I urge all who pretend in god(s) or spirits etc to take it.
If enough people take it and do so honestly and with honour, the freethinking areas of the world may still avoid suicide by compassion.

So, why is the no quarantine?
I suspect it's because to the majority of Europeans who are pretenders in god, those who pretend in god are all lovely peaceful bunnies.
I further suspect they'd have a different opinion if they stood on the oppressed and abused non-believer's rational side of the argument.
This is one of the Too Many Questions
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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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