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21 days in May
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His Blood On Your Hands

Witchcraft murder: Couple guilty of Kristy Bamu killing
A couple have been found guilty of murdering a teenager they had accused of using witchcraft.

The defence had argued Bikubi was mentally ill when he carried out the killing, with a scan of his brain showing lesions which "probably contributed to an abnormal mental state".

Hmmm... "probably contributed"? Not a phrase that has the ring of "solely responsible", is it?
If the lesions were ONLY a contribution, there must be another another reason, a MAIN reason, for the horrific torture and murder, eh?
Can you tell what it is yet?
Yes folks, once again it's the supernatural bollox spawned by the pretendsies of absolute evil to which all the religious show their support, merely by believing in their own personal brand of the voodoo.
If nobody believed this bollox, Bikubi would not have had the fables to fuel his delusion and 15-year-old Kristy Bamu would still have the ONLY life he was ever going to have.
Yeah, you can say "something else may have caused a nutter to go pop", implying that even if the murderer hadn't believed there was actual real magic like ghosties, ghoulies, gods, and dirty, dirty demons, as so many pretend are true, he could have still killed.
Soothing isn't it, when you can abdicate responsibility; it's what your god's novel teaches, eh, "put your troubles in the cloud".
Well here's a prime example of what happens when you mistakenly think your supernatural stupor does no harm, Kristy and millions of others continue to pay the price of your irresponsibility.
At Christmas time our, I'm sad to say, Prime Minister, David Cameron claimed that the UK is "a Christian Nation." Recently Baroness Warsi added her own ingredients to the current bake-off in the Zealot Pie competition and Eric Pickles displayed a frighteningly supremacist and non-inclusive theocratic attitude for a cardigan Christian. All three of you should be ashamed. This boy died because you all suckle at the teat of the same pretendsies magic lunacy that this fucking idiot murderer bought.
And yes, agnostics, I'm talking not only to the zealots, fundies and cardigan Christians, you agnostics are not without blame. Even saying 'I don't know' adds weight to the overall faith fog, the magic, myths and moronic mysticism, 'I don't know' is an admission that you too feel actual magic is likely!
All of you who believe in things utterly stupid, the stuff of childhood stories, all who believe in spite of the evidence, whether you think a psychic can actually deliver pigeon-post from long mouldy Uncle Pete or you're a full-on supremacist Jew, Christian or Muslim, all you who like crystal balls, tarot and horoscopes, every last one of all of you selfish faithful, all bear a token of responsibility for this boys tortuous death because you all facilitate his murderer's belief in magic.

If it crossed your mind, even for a moment....
"Maybe he was a witch! I mean, you never know, do you? Satan gets everywhere!"
...can you really consider that you do not believe in the same magic as the murderer?

If it did cross your mind....
He is one of your team.
You ALL make me puke.

More harm by religion...

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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