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Crucify This Catholic Nightmare

Dear members of the Roman Catholic Church,
If you do not make it through this post, I will not be surprised; sticking you fingers in your ears and screaming la-la-la at the facts of reality that you would prefer to avoid knowing is the sort of head in the sand thinking you fable promotes.

First, The Roman Catholic Church persecuted the majority of Europe with the inquisition, putting all opposing The Roman Catholic Church to the 'question'.

Then Roman Catholic Church held high the policy "Despise the Jews, they betrayed our lord!" ramping up hatred against the Jews for, y'know centuries, up until about 1940. Then that Adolf Hitler, good son of The Roman Catholic Church's childhood indoctrination scheme and patently soldier for god, in his and his army's minds at least, destroyed all those, Jews. Hmmm? Might there be a link?

Then, because of The Roman Catholic Church's hideous self-serving condom policy many more babies are delivered into already struggling communities than can be sufficiently provided for; the first natural disaster, famine etc. and there are million, who didn't need to be born, lining up to starve to death. And the same rank-swelling condom policy simultaneously assists the spread of any and all STD, including HIV. Millions of mums and dads lost easily preventable disease to add to The Roman Catholic Church's vast global death tally.

And what do we have as a result? Oh yes, orphanages full of children, millions of babies for whom there was no one left to care, all left in the care of what we know learn has been an organisation willing and able to harbour and assist those only it knows to be Paedophiles; transferring them from one unsuspecting orphanage to unsuspecting group of parish children, and which has done so merely to protect The Roman Catholic Church's 'good' name for, it seems, centuries. This hideous Papal evil-machine has been the ducking stool of humanity; our torturer, judge and executioner since they wrote that vile misogynistic supremacist doctrine, The Bible.
Throughout The Roman Catholic Church's, and unfortunately our, history The Roman Catholic Church's doctrine has facilitated the wholesale slaughter of so many millions one might be forgiven for wondering if the Papacy's mission to 'deliver souls unto god's care' may have been taken to too great a level of efficiency.
Have a word with yourselves, chaps!
It's not turnover that counts! You don't get, I suspect, more kudos from Super-Gramps for shovelling them upstairs with a mechanical digger!

Why is this distasteful boil(The Roman Catholic Church) still with us? Why must we suffer news of it's atrocities on an, often, hourly basis? Given the record of this wretched organisation, how is the Vatican even still standing?
Why have its followers not long since razed the Vatican and it's occupants to the ground?
Shouldn't irate groups of villagers with torches and clubs have been bashing the doors in centuries ago?
Why have they, at the very least, not left the organisation?

Dearest humans who are also called Catholic,
This vile organisation has wrought havoc across the our centuries and behaved, it must be said, for their own ends, with measures and practises which, I'm sure, any good human today would abhor and certainly not the way any benign god in which you may believe would have chosen for his church's representatives most high to behave.
Please draw yourselves up from the swamp they've made you stand in and rise to the heights of the absolute morality to which you say you aspire and put an final end to The Roman Catholic Church's continued offensive against our Humanity. You can still believe in your god and all the doctrine but punish the Vatican for the crimes they've collectively either allowed or perpetrated on humanity, turn your backs them leave that den of Vipers. If each Roman Catholic Church's congregation chose to take ownership of the building in which they worship and run their own decentralised New Catholic Church, would anybody really care; I mean, even the Pope couldn't argue that they are the houses your god, so doesn't he own them?
If you are offended by what you've read here, please remember, you are not even close to how offended I am about the atrocities your weekly donations have long supported and will continue, whilst you continue your support.

This is one of the Too Many Questions

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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