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21 days in May
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Whitney Dead at Forty Eight

Whitney was born in 2008 to a Roman Catholic family in Niger, Africa; one of 17 children, the product of Roman Catholic 'condoms are evil' imperialism.
Whitney is 48 months old. She's never had the strength to find out if she can sing but she thinks she might like to one day. Whitney has always eaten all of whatever scraps of food her mother could scrape together for meal times and never wasted anything. She has always said her prayers and never abused her body with drugs or alcohol. Whitney's favourite thing was to watch the thin stream of fresh water that used to run passed their hut, until the spring dried up; she liked the way it twinkled as it rippled over the little pebbles.
Whitney has been thirsty for a week now and help is another two days walk away. She's been too weak to walk for the last 48 hours, her mother has been carrying her.
Whitney dozes in half-dead stupor, in her mother's arms, lost in a sea of starvation. With her mother's muttered prayers to their god droning above her and the steady padding of her mother's shortening stride, Whitney slips into sleep.
A priest is waiting to greet new arrivals when Whitney's mother finally comes to a stop at the gate of the rescue camp.
Whitney's mother smiles at him and he takes her hand, raises his eyes skyward and offers a prayer of thanks for their deliverance into safety.

Whitney didn't hear him, she hadn't made it to the rescue camp and was buried at the roadside in the same manner as eleven of her good Catholic brothers and sisters who had also perished on the journey, victims of Roman Catholic 'condoms are evil' imperialism.

In other news...

A celebrated American singer passed away at the age of 48 years.
The famous songbird was found in a bathroom of a luxury apartment after enjoying the typically decadent delights of an evening of privilege just hours before she was expected to enjoy the decadent delights of a star-studded gala evening of privilege. After a fulfilling 48 years of self indulgence and excesses, stardom and successes, with amassed global media clamouring outside, the singer's many relatives and luminary friends gathered in a Roman Catholic derivative church to wish her a luxurious bon voyage.

As always, condolences to any who have lost someone.

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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