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Holy Book Burning Batman

On 20th March 2011 Pastor Terry Jones burned a Qur'an and, apart from the fact that I'm Welsh, I'm totally in agreement with this commentators view of it
In spite of all the absurdity and chicanery of this “mock trial” and the sophomoric behavior of its master-mind, I find this whole affair to be not at all amusing. To the contrary, it is not only a shameful display of religious bigotry and ignorance, but also a burlesque-like mockery of our system of jurisprudence. All things considered, it is frighteningly childish act.

Article here

On 1st April 2011 Muslims in Afghanistan were told (some reports say by the taliban) that (some reports say thousands of copies of) the Koran had been burned.
Later that day thousands of Muslims stormed the UN building and murdered a number of innocent people. They weren't the ones who burned the Muslims precious book after all.

Article: BBC

Now to me, this seems like another example of childishness, this time a childish response to news of Jones' childish act.

Angered by such mindless savagery I was moved to comment on this compounding of Jones' childishness with this murderously violent tantrum, over such an insignificant event, I tweeted...
  • "Does the violent attack on the UN in Afghanistan suggest Pastor Terry Jones was right? FFS it's only a book u dickheads #Islam #Atheism" Link
  • "A Pastor burned a Koran + a few days later violent primitive savages provided evidence of the reason he burned it. #Islam #Atheism #Truth" Link
  • "He only burned a book! In 50yrs, when they hear there was a plan for ICBP's, they'll freak. ICBP? Inter Continental ballistic pigs! #Atheism" Link
  • "Violent primitive savages kill 20 people over foreigner's choice of kindling. #Islam religion of peace - if you spell peace V-I-O-L-E-N-C-E" Link
  • "If u burn my magic paper I'll scream + stab + slay until u r stiff - Afghan Muslims: the Violet Elizabeth Bott of believers #Islam #Atheism" Link
And the violence continued today.
"Afghanistan: more deaths over Koran burning: At least nine people have been killed in the southern Afghanistan city of Kandahar as violent protests continued over the burning of a Koran in Florida.

Article: Channel 4

I had a few scolding responses for the tweets and fair enough, everyone's entitled to an opinion but this one by Fizzy08
"it is a book but ffs its an holy book. Atheism is no reason to defend the wrong doings of anyone...u have respect for ur beliefs and u need to respect the others. Thats just standard humanity criteria hence no one in the world wants violence and its condoned but violation of ones religion is not permissible under any clause of the world for anyone." Link
prompted what follows...

I am not defending the Pastor because there's nothing to defend; he has merely burned some paper - not particularly environmentally friendly but not offensive in any way. The thing is, ANY 'holy' book is only considered 'holy' because people believe it is.
If a 'Holy' book is destroyed, has the message been lost? Or was it just the message's container? Lives have been lost because someone burned, not the letter but it's envelope!
It would be hypocritical for me, an atheist, to respect those who like to fantasize that there is a god - I have No Respect For Spiritual Terrorism or for doctrine addicts
How much respect for the 'Holy' sensibilities of others did the Taliban Muslims show when they totally destroyed the centuries old Buddhas? It was wicked mindless adolescent vandalism to appease their primitive book's god!
Respect is earned and the Muslims lose credibility every time they act like savages and go ape shit crazy because some idiot ran out of toilet paper or set light to a spare copy of their favourite fairy story!

As far as I'm concerned...
If you kneel to a god - how very fucking Stone Age of you - you are an insult to human progress.

I would rather see EVERY 'holy' book publicly shredded and composted than lose one human life - a statement any religious person would find very difficult to match.

If you are religious I dare you to update your status with the statement below. If you cannot post it, then you value your afterlife dream more than you value your fellow human and as such are a crime against humanity waiting to happen.
"I believe in god but I'd rather see EVERY 'Holy' book publicly burned
than any 'Holy' book cost a single human life."

If you try to post and it makes you feel uncomfortable please be aware this is because your religion has carefully condition you to feel that way.

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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