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21 days in May
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A Battle Of Balaclavas - No Cuts March

A little of the coverage of the reportedly half a million strong peaceful march against the ConDem government cuts.

A Battle Of Balaclavas - No Cuts March - London 2011 - http://youtu.be/cO7YHtYw_Js

Just goes to show , when it comes to
TV news,
If there's no drama, it's not news?

If you're interested, there's a balanced video log
of the peaceful No Cuts protestors in The Guardian (The video starts automatically.)

Seems to me all the attacks were on corporations or symbols of corporation, no people were targeted(?) Attacks were against those who created the economic environment in which the cuts seem necessary, those who have benefited from the credit crunch, those, who should be the real target of the governments red pen!

Where's the witch-hunt for the bankers who sold the toxic debts? Where is the investigation to attempt to recover the cash? Without that money trail, how can we (the public) believe that any money has been 'lost', how can we know it's not just a corporate scam?

But the questions here are concerning the policing...
Did the violent element who joined the peaceful day of protest learn to disguise themselves from the current British corporate regime?
Does the fact that the police look like an army ready for war have anything to do with how we feel about them?
Do the police look like characters in need of our sympathy or dreaded cyber cops from some fearful dystopian future?


Those of a Tory or Daily Mail disposition should look away now


Police in riot gear - on Westminster Bridge in front of Parliament

Is it just me or is there a general feeling that the police are only out to protect the property of the corporations?
Should we not feel they are here to protect us?
If the police had been Bobbies would the violence have been the same?
Kettling is appalling - I refer you to my angry tweets after the students' protest in 2010
Kettling: Police crowd control method. Used 2 put protestors under pressure 'til they boil up into violence. #demo2010 #HumanRights #Freedom
And a little more harshly but hey I was cross!
Kettling: Where those not smart enough to go further in education jealously batter those who are into a similar stupor? #demo2010

When I was a kid, lol, hark at me but it's true, my town Bobby was a helpful chap
Old Style Bobby - Dixon od Dock Green

but the one's I see today, whom I pass on the street make me nervous, like they are going to arrest me for transgressing some corporate dictate of which I was unaware, or for breaking some law of which I've never heard.
What has happened to the UK police?
The answer may be here - It's an illusion - 2009 - John Harris - http://tinyurl.com/6x688dj

If we want our country back, do you think the corporations, the bankers and their Tory collaborators will give just it back? Or will it have to be taken?
We know what the #blackbloc have decided - what do you think?

This is one of the Too Many Questions
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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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