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Finite Truth Of Atheism

The finite truth of atheism is this...
There is no god.
That sounds simple but acceptance of atheism is gradual, the further away from dogma you get the clearer you see the layers of religious indoctrination in which you had been swaddled. So, this is an attempt to provide something of a crash course, an atheism booster-shot if you like.

So, there is no god. What does that mean?

Most expansively it means there NEVER was a god.
Never was a heaven, Never a hell.
No angels, No demons, No fear of the lake of fire.
ALL pretend.
Yes it's true that you won't be going to heaven but on the up side, it also means that's there's no chance whatsoever of perpetual torture in Hell on the whim of a vain God. And, as there never was a god, you never had any chance of a ticket to the Happy Palace anyway!
Actual loss = One false promise = No Loss at all!

So the reality is, all the world's wickedness, ever, is down to us!
Boo to us - ain't we captain crap! But no, because all the rip-roaring, great stuff is down to us too.
The Ten Commandments, us.
Buddhism, us (but we knew that already.)
Declaration of Human Rights, us.
Every charitable work, ever, us.
The development of empathy for our kin, tribe, county, state, country, our fellow humans, us.
WE, Humanity, are fully responsible for the whole civilized shindig.

That there never was a god does mean you're on your own but hey that also means you're truly FREE to express your humanity, your way!

Monty Python gave us 'Every Sperm is Sacred', atheism gives us 'Every Sperm is Equal'.
You have the full right to decide your own morals, rights and responsibilities but as there never was a god, that's been true for the whole of your life and, come to that, the lives of everyone else who ever lived.

No exterior supernatural force was ever the cause of, or reason for, any event, ever.

Every time you looked skywards uttered 'Thank the Lord' / 'Praise be to Allah' for his intervention or help, you might just as easily have gasped out a relieved "Phheeeowww!"

Every exam you ever passed, that you thanked Jesus for getting you through, was actually your own doing. Yay You!

Every time you blamed a demon for a wicked thing you did, it was you all the time, and what's more, you've always known it! Take responsibility!

With Atheism comes a FREE new improved heritage!
Did you think you were descended from a middle eastern mythological clay voodoo doll, formed merely for a bronze age god's amusement?
You did?
Well have no more fear!
Now, with new improved reality, your new proud atheistic lineage stretches back hundreds of thousands of years to a fearsome warrior, whose valiant, enduring struggle brought us victory against all comers, adversaries and environment.

Now, isn't that better?

Every baby IS a miracle, but of human biochemical evolution, not magic.

If you're looking for a guide this is the best I've got...
You have to live with yourself for your whole life.
Irresponsible choices will rot you and yours.

When religion is weak, it asks
"Why can't we just agree to disagree?"
When religion is strong,
it slaughters all opposition.

When faced with religious oppression take heart;
WE are Homo Sapiens Sapiens
the irresistible force born of an immoveable object

And remember, whatever happens one fact is as true here as in any area of life.
There NEVER was a God so...

Nothing Has Changed,
You Just Know More.

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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