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A Proud Heritage Of Eternal Mortality

Eternally Mortal - A Human Story

I despise religion in all its forms;
their pompous tenets and the hate they spawn.
So, this is a direct attack on those who lie
And say "It’s a categorical truth ALL RIGHT!"
It’s really not a fact that god exists you know,
it’s only what you choose to think or follow.
And those who feel offended, should,
A dose of truth always does us good.
So if your blood boils when you hear my words,
be aware it’s ONLY because of what you’ve previously heard.

Are those who profess to follow a Lord,
a senseless, strength-less, sheepish hoard?
Are they, who seem to have lost the sense they’re born with,
just deluded sinners, or really heavenly winners?
Jews believe in testament old,
where Jesus’ Christ is still untold.
Christians follow the old and the new,
So that’s testament one and testament two.
Muslims I understand believe in three,
The old and the new and Muhhamad, you see.

Now I could go on with lists of their teachings,
the long-winded war words of disparate preaching,
but panoply questions come in cacophony,
And the preacher’s answer becomes, so often
Omni present, omni directional, omni dimensional
He’s just everything Okay!
Not good enough I say to that.
If there’s a God I’ll eat my hat!
Until you prove before my eyes,
there is more than what is localised
I may only accept the facts of our lives
And not your conjectures, wishes and lies.

And so, as an atheist human, I feel I should say
The long mouldy scriptures should be rested today
To favour the strength of knowing the truth
The real truth I’m saying, the one you can prove
For the truth brings a tale of a sentient creature,
a legacy grander than the book of the preacher.
The truth's in the shape of a wondrous beast,
a legendary mammal disregarded by priest.
The truth is this beast has survived on this rock,
and stands now victorious but they choose to mock!
The truth is the essence at the core of this beast,
is the most potent force from mother-nature’s teat.

The truth is this mammal, the beast whence we came,
is both fearsome and gentle but more than they’re sayin’
After ten million years of evolving scars,
we are masters on Earth with eyes in the stars!
But they teach this success is not down to us;
that a big friendly granddad just conjured us up!
They’ve spent aeon's berating how crap we all are,
when they should be applauding how an ape came this far!

©2005 Crispy Sea

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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