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More Or Less Blasphemy

The following dialogue is a thought experiment only and continues my earlier works on blasphemy.
My hope in these muses is to show that the prosecution of Blasphemy is fraught with difficulty.
In a situation where a devotee of this or that high membership cult or religion claims blasphemous offence, then true justice, where the guilty offender is punished fairly and the offended feels the punishment is sufficient, is almost impossible to achieve.
No offence is meant by these muses, this is only a question of academic importance, the following dialogue is patently fiction.
"Jesus-fuckin'-Christ! Abraham, this Belly Pork you've brought is rank! Take it back to Cohen and Muhammad's Prawn and Pork Emporium and have one of the Paedo-Priests we keep there chop up a fresh one; and we'll have none of that barbaric Halal/Kosher bollocks this time! The last inhumanely killed one, was still kicking when it got here! It was sickening! Tell the kiddie-fiddler it's for the midwinter solstice beer and shagfest, so it's got to be good enough for Jehovah to have sex with! Bung him a bag of sweets, they all seem to have a sweet tooth for some reason. Feel old Cohen up for a sack of those black market crispy foreskins he's got under counter; prawn cocktail flavour are always good! And tell Cohen's Sikh slave, I need his two youngest daughters for the ceremonial spit roast again; they went down very favourably last year! But DON'T tell him that; he'll want more money. And, Oh yes, bring his best looking sheep too."

"For the sacrifice your Holiness?"

"Er-r-r- Ye-e-e-sss for that!"

"Right, Pope, I'll get to it."

Abraham, a typical religious sycophant, starts to scurry away.

"Hold your horses! You know you can't leave without kissing my ring."

Abraham stops and looks hesitant.

"Come on, come on, my haemorrhoids are killing me!"
And so to a number of questions...
  1. Is the dialogue blasphemous?
  2. To whom is it blasphemous?
  3. Is the dialogue more blasphemous to one religion/cult than another?
  4. If a piece is considered blasphemous to numerous religions/cults, is it therefore more blasphemous and so will incur multiple fines?
  5. If it is to incur multiple fines, who will decide which religion/cult gets to put the blasphemer on trial first?
  6. How would the size of the blasphemy be assessed?
  7. Would each blasphemy be given a blasphemy 'score' from a pan-religion/cult assessed scale, or merely classified as 'more blasphemous' or 'less blasphemous'?
  8. Would any classification of the grade of blasphemy be assessed by the courts or individual religious bodies?
My answers?
1. The dialogue is only blasphemous if you choose to think those named are figures from the various religious fictions.
2. Only those whom have been indoctrinated by the various religious fictions would find it blasphemous.
3. I've been considering this almost since I first conceived the muse. I don't know if it's possible for me to assess it because I've not been indoctrinated by all the religions/cults equally. (My religious background, or rather, my family's traditional faith is Protestant).
4,5. One would assume that if a piece were considered blasphemous by more than one cult, there would have to be a pre-trial to assess various aspects.
6 My only answer here is a funny one. One could have the offended party in the witness box and have them let out a scream of anger, sufficient to express their personal level of outrage felt.
7, 8 In the true spirit of one-up-man-ship that the all religions of 'peace' so relish, it seems very likely to me that every level of blasphemous offence would quickly be elevated to gain a death sentence. So, I would hope that secular impartial courts would decide!
So, what do you think, is the offence of blasphemy provable? Or, would the pre-trial interfaith quibbling tie any ruling up for years, maybe even, decades?
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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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