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Is Even Moderate Islam Fascism

The free thinking democratic peoples of earth (generally non-Muslim) think the states of authoritarianism, totalitarianism and fascism to be the natural antithesis of freedom and therefore an evil to be shunned. We have fought wars against regimes which limit free speech.
So, I found this nice little explanation of fascism on Wikipedia. It seems fair enough as a description of fascism to me but I'm no expert, if you disagree amend Wikipedia and let me know so I can amend here.
Anyway, I've moderated it a bit to try and show how little difference I see between this definition of Fascism and even the moderate view of the religion of Islam. I've put a strike though the originals and the pink are my inserts...
One common definition of fascism Islam focuses on three groups of ideas: 
a) Fascist Islamic Negations
  1. Anti-liberalism 
  2. Anti-communism equality 
  3. Anti Pro-conservatism 
b) Ideology and goals
  1. Creating a new nationalist, global, authoritarian state not based on tradition 
  2. A new kind of regulated, multi-class national economic structure which can transform stifles social relations, whether syndicalist, corporatist or national socialist 
  3. The goal of empire 
  4. An idealist, voluntarist mandatory creed, typically to realize crush a new modern, self-determined secular culture
c) Style and organization
  1. Aesthetic structure of meetings, symbols stressing romantic and mystical aspects 
  2. Mass mobilization with militarization of political relationships and style and the goal of a mass party militia 
  3. Positive view and use of violence 
  4. Extreme stress on the masculine principle 
  5. Exaltation of youth old 
  6. Authoritarian, charismatic personal style of command 
I feel all religions fulfil the criteria of the boiled down description of fascism which, for me, has always been, any ideology that states
"It's my way or the (eternal) highway"
but even with this detailed description, it seems to me that there is barely any difference between the imperfect Quran and the Authoritarian Fascist ideologies of the Nazis.
For me, even 'moderate' Islam is a fascist doctrine.
Question here is simple...
All our Grandfathers fought and died in a war against fascism, millions of free men, fathers, brothers and sons lost their lives so we could remain free and retain free speech.
Why are the governments of the free world allowing such a blatantly fascist dogma to thrive in the fought for and won free lands of Earth?
Why is Islam even allowed in the UK or any of Europe or the USA?
A further if less important question remains...
Is the organisation United Against Fascism actually against fascism? If they are, should they not be aligned alongside the Council of Ex Muslims Britain and One Law for All in the struggle against the blatantly and obviously fascist Quran?

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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