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Truth Fact Faith Belief

Dictionaries would not exist if they gave the definition of "cup" as "small rodent found in peru" - Y'know they actually have to be describing what the word actually means. Ok so far? Happy with that? Well I am, so we're moving on.
So with the comprehension that the dictionary's only purpose is to house the actual meanings of the words held within, let's examine some... Hmm... let me see four words at random... hmmm. I know I'll pick...
Okay, so, they're not chosen entirely at random but since so many people seem confused about the boundaries of the valuable concepts these hugely important words encapsulate, I thought they deserved the spotlight.
I've listed them in order of most importance to a human's comprehension of known reality. Hey I had to list 'em somehow! I just thought this would be the most rational. Anyway, here are the dictionary definitions...
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This means: A FACT that has been VERIFIED.

This means: A piece of information about circumstances that EXIST or events that HAVE occurred.

This means: A strong BELIEF in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny.

This means: Any NOTION (cognitive content) HELD as true.
As I see it then...
FAITH must be considered the opposite of FACT
and BELIEF, the opposite of TRUTH

Which I think makes following statement exactly truthful
If you have the TRUTH about the FACTS,
FAITH in a BELIEF is not required

Well it's been a bit of a meander but that brings us to the point...

Perhaps the words TRUTH and FACT should be restricted use words, limited to being uttered only when the truth is an actual verified fact.

Use of the words Truth and Fact by religious groups and preachers should be prohibited, as potentially misleading. And further I feel that perhaps other phrases should be considered questionable. For example - "Aint it the truth!" should perhaps be a prohibited response in churches, as it provides a false impression of the meaning of the word truth for those in the congregation who may not know the difference. For those of you who are religious, don't panic.
"Ain't it the truth!"
could easily be substituted with the equally rousing
"Ain't it what we believe!"

As a final point, I feel that globally, all governments need, with the utmost urgency, to initiate a wide-ranging multi-generational education program to alert all the peoples of this great globe to the actual meanings of the these important words.

I don't know how we got to a stage where we can't tell the difference...
Oh, wait, yes I do! Powerful church organisations have been inflicting their own purpose on our language for centuries. Insipidly, "innocently", substituting reality with their own brand of pretend until the followers of these archaic multinationals can no longer tell the difference between Truth and Belief.

Am I cross about this? Let's just say sometimes, one can have a glimmer of understanding about the sense of relief the Romans must have felt when they finally nailed up that aging delinquent hippie.

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Truth Fact Faith Belief
Truth Fact Faith Belief
Truth Fact Faith Belief
Truth Fact Faith Belief
Truth Fact Faith Belief
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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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