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21 days in May
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Boobquake Monitor Ready For Action

Thousands of scientist sprung into action this week. Their collective high concept goal?
To develop a way to measure the effects of the boobquake, announced only 5 days ago and due on the 26th April, this Monday!
Late last night, Professor Benjamin Hill, chief in charge of the KnickersKnackersKnockers
research labs, a group of geological experts and a collaboration of top team of lingerie manufacturers held a press conference.
Professor Hill explained...
"I'd heard of the boobquake, of course, but had really dismissed the cleric's magic trick as a ridiculous joke as, I presumed, had everyone else. Then, a couple of days ago, I read Crispy Sea's amplog "Men also have an important role in Boobquake: without us it won't work" (http://bit.ly/tT1Z6n) and instantly realised that we needed to act quickly. (Y'hear that y'slimes? I'm famous!)
I am therefore extremely delighted to announce that after a furious 48 hours and a seriously migrainous late night thinking session we are very excited to reveal a brand new piece of tremor monitoring equipment has been developed. We have already, because of the uncommonly short lead up time, distributed the device to a selection of key locations around the globe."
Professor Hill went on to say...
"The highly sensitive equipment is designed to be worn inside the male test subjects trousers."
The aptly named the "Cupsizemograph" will measure the boobquake, displaying its results which are measured on the also newly developed "Erecter" scale.
Professor Hill added, "This machine is designed not to measure any actual earthquake that may occur as that job is ably taken care of by the normal seismograph. No, the cupsizemographs are designed to measure the level of global arousal. If the exposure of female flesh instigates a rise in the normal 'background' arousal level it will be detected. This way we will be able to state if the increased arousal level during Monday's experiment was enough to cause any detected earthquake. With a strong positive result, we hope to show that the exposure of human flesh has no effect on tectonic plates. And so, we hope, debunking once and for all the primitive superstitious nonsense linked to human arousal, maybe even sufficiently proven to fee millions of women from the imprisonment in hideous black tents."

We shall see, good luck all for Monday

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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