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Is Neuro Linguistic Programming The Real Evil?

On the BBC website, on a page which is no longer there, I followed a link beneath the image of a star. It looked something like this...

Huge experiment may unlock cosmic secrets

Secrets I thought; sounds intriguing! Cosmic secrets; very mysterious! I'll have to look. The little advert had done its job and I came to...
"Man-made star to unlock cosmic secrets
When the world's most powerful laser facility flicks the switch on its first full-scale experiments later this month, a tiny star will be born on Earth."

Now, I know they tell us that the way to get kids involved in science is to 'sex it up' but Science is only sexy at the cutting edge, and only the most brilliant scientists get to be at the cutting edge - same as every other sphere of human experience.
Everyone knows that not everybody is capable of being an Olympic athlete, most of us have average bodies, same with scientists.

I understand that we have to make science accessible to those few whom will choose it, but I ask you,

How is it helpful to associate science with the paranormal / supernatural.

Huge experiment may unlock cosmic secrets
It sounds like it should be written in some olde worlde magical script or Latin - Such evocative language for an experiment!

Huge - Carries a subtext of at the edge our current level of comprehension

Experiment - Fair enough

May - Okay

Unlock - Carries a subtext of something that has been deliberately hidden. Deliberation is an act of consciousness and in conjunction with the word Huge at the start, the God hint is reinforced.

Cosmic - Carries a flavour of 19th century variety performers, perceived as 'more' than the universe maybe. In the 50's weren't there always stories where 'Cosmic Ray Guns' featured.

Secrets - Carries the subtext of information which has been purposefully concealed from us again - suitably concluding in the readers subconscious the image of a supreme being.

You see what I'm getting at? The words carry extra information over and above the dictionary definition.

I see how it comes about, with time and space constraints, commercial pressures etc. that it's difficult to consider every word of every sentence, for it's possibly adverse 1Neuro Linguistic Programming effects, however I strongly feel when referring to science, extra care should be taken to avoid presenting the information

Huge experiment may unlock cosmic secrets
could just have easily been
Bold experiment may fill gaps in our knowledge
Not quite as sexy, but with much less underlying imagery.

Unless all words are monitored and rectified before transmission, a situation I'm sure none of us would want, the only way to combat the mythuse of our language, is to be aware of the subtext of everything one reads. This is difficult to do even for an adult, so perhaps at the very least, special attention should be paid to scouring children's texts for misleading information.
As for us lot?
Be vigilant for the images that the subtext of words and sentences build in your mind. When we are aware of the assumptions we are being fed, accidental, incidental or intentional Neuro Linguistic Programming ceases to confuse the issue.
If you find some text that you consider dodgy, or hear a news report that you think could be misconstrued, complain to the maker, leave a comment on their page, make a noise.
This stuff is dangerous.
Look at the damage done by Neuro Linguistic Programming; All the blood spilled because of the Abrahamic religions, whose respective volumes are I think arguably the finest examples of NLP so far.
Don't you think everyone should be an

This is one of the Too many questions

Please leave a comment - Anything will do
The best communications are often,

1 Neuro Linguistic Programming - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuro_Linguistic_Programming


If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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