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BNP - Outright Racism and Bigotted Spin?

Just received twitter from dingledow about a speech made by the BNP leader Nick Griffin. - "Nick Griffin discusses Trevor Philips"
I've transcribed a portion of the speech below and cut out anything that was just politcal waffle in an attempt to highlight the flavour of the speech. The Video is beneath if you want to check.
At 3mins 40 secs in.
"in august 2006 the institute for race relations...(bigotted spin)...published a report on racist murder in Britain, they produced a list...(bigotted Spin) ...of 43 (murders)... now that's a shocking number, what is particularly shocking is that the institutes...(bigotted Spin)...were only able to find one victim of (4mins 21secs) OUR PEOPLE and that was young Chris Donald, the 15 year old, literally... (? shouldn't that be actually?) ...tortured to death in Glasgow for the crime, the sole crime of being a white boy in the wrong place at the wrong time and they spellt his name wrong ...(spin on how good they are at reading papers) ...we produced a list of 163 white british victims of racist homicide in Britain, you put the 163 together with the 40 victims of racist homicide from various ethnic groups and you have more than 200 people dead because of the multicultural experiments (Ooh it's a Conspiracy!) between 1999 and august 2006.
How much blood do the liberal left need before they will admit it's a river?... (blah, blah powell, bigotted spin, racist rhetoric etc.)
Mr. Griffin,
You seem to have misinterpretted the information at hand, your assumption that these racist crimes are becuase of some multi-cultural experiment is, I'm sure, wholly incorrect. I think you'll find sir that these people were murdered because their attacker was a

These innocent humans whom were slaughtered by sick EVIL extremists who think skin colour or nationality matter! It's simple, if your are not racist you not are going to attack someone because they seem different!!!
It's lack of education, integration and tolerance that's the problem. I feel sir that you perhaps should consider some.

Please feel free to respond Mr. Griffin the above is just an excerpt but your speech is clearly racist, start to finish.

Where are the cops?
Isn't this hate crime?
This is one of the Too many questions

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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