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21 days in May
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Let us think about God

What do we know about him? - there's a ponder right there! - HIM? Do we know that? Anyway, we know what they say in the tenets about his works but what about 'him'; we don't seem to have any real details!
Most of the stuff we know seems to add up to merely a list of adjectives, loving, kind, caring, benevolent, forgiving etc. the list of his good and godly points is almost endless and all pointing (because of the lack of bad points) to a 'perfectly' nice being, but I guess the real persuasive power of this myth comes from four words in particular;
OmniscientInfinitely wise, All-knowing
OmnipresentBeing present everywhere at once
OmnipotentHaving unlimited power
EternalContinuing forever
Okay, so a fair compound of those four would give us:-
An infinitely wise all-knowing being of unlimited power
who is at all places at all times.

If you think that's an unfair assessment let me know below.
Right, now we have something to work with -
Sounds great that doesn't it? At first glance, infinitely wise and all-knowing seems a stunning thing to be! You'd think so wouldn't you, but when you break it down into the reality of it, it's not so crash hot!
When you look at it in practical terms, 'total knowledge' means only one thing...
add into the mix the 'Eternal' nature of the beast and you get
He's supposed to exist in a permanent state of knowing everything that's going to happen in every tedious, uninspiring nanosecond of eternity!
The poor chap must be going 'off his tree'
with boredom of divine proportions!
Hang on a minute though, the 'going' suggests a linear aspect to God's life and if he's supposed to exist 'in all times at once' then he must be either stationary within time, or existing outside of time and, since a thing without time can only be in the state of being or not being, for the purposes of this muse, he may only be 'off his tree' or not.)
So, God's off his tree with incurable eternal divine boredom! Glad we got that sorted out!
Okay right, so, God decides to make a creature to break the monotony, which I'm sure you've guessed, is us. (YAY!) He gives us limited free will, winds us up and sends us off. NICE - All going well so far and the free will he has given us has given him the ability to?
Break the monotony?
OMNIPRESENT - everywhere at once!
He cannot be surprised, EVER!
He knows what is going to happen

in EVERY nanosecond.
And our perceived Free will crumbles into irrelevance; he knows which baby is going to HELL before it's conceived! He knew before he created Adam that the Babel tower would be raised, that Herod would slaughter in the search for his 'son', that Genghis Khan would ransack Asia, the Vikings would be known for Rape and Pillage, that the Nazis would wreak havoc and Witch-hunts in his name would see thousands of wise-women, midwives and herbalists slaughtered!!
Sorry to all the faithful here but he knew all that (and more) and he still set the ball rolling!

!!!*#@! What a callous BASTARD !@#*!!!
For all those of you who are offended, I use the term 'bastard' in it's 'proper' sense - Unknown Father. I wonder why that's never in the list of things we know about him? Oh well it is now!! Hey we've learned something!!!
And don't give me that 'God moves in mysterious ways' crud! Take a look through history - his mysterious ways are wholly indistinguishable from...
No help whatsoever!
Anyway, we'll move on to his great sweetener; the place where all the 'good little boys and girls' get to spend eternity!


Even the greatest examples of humanity that we have ever produced would not have ANYTHING to offer to this guy. Take your pick of any top human from any field who has ever existed and imagine them performing for God. Michaelangelo could paint heaven, Shakespeare could write bespoke performances, Bach could compose something divine, and the The Beatles could play out of their skins, and GOD would remain unimpressed.
Worse! All the skills we value would be less than equal to anything he could produce himself - Michaelangelo would be no more than a painter and decorator, Shakespeare just a hack etc.

What would be the point?

NO surprises see; he ALWAYS knows exactly EVERYTHING!

Bearing that in mind, if you take it a step further:-
A huge proportion of the 'great' humans have been 'out-there', not part of the mainstream general populous; in fact, almost all greats could be considered ungodly, whether through drugs, alcohol, women, men, women and men, gambling, lying, cheating etc. All the sins no less!
Inevitably, those who follow rules are predictable so, for the kind of guy whose, you know, a know it all with all the T-shirts to prove it. What possible reason could there be for him to surround himself with what amounts to, for the most part, those in society who are average; when a rebel, a 'not-so-great' example of his laws, is much more likely to come up with something new to brighten eternity for a guy who is immune to surprises!
So, not really any closer to defining what we know about him, still no facts see, just conjecture but it's not looking good for the old bastard.
I can't see any benevolent reason for wanting souls, and after this pondering the only conclusion I've really found is, Any god as described in the tenets would have no use for any member of the human race's skills or talents!
He must have another reason for wanting your soul?
This is one of the Too many questions
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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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