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21 days in May
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There is No GOD - Official

Two days ago at 4:37am in a back alley near the 'Dog & Lyre' Pub in Croydon, London, I met with a young man.
Mr. G had in his possession what he had described to me as a dossier of documents, highly sensitive in nature and concerning the church.
He handed me the dossier, said I had 24 hours, then he needed it back. I agreed and we were shaking hands when he suddenly tensed and looked very scared, like he'd seen something or someone he didn't like; I turned to look but there was nothing there.
When I turned back he was pelting down the alley like there was a rhino after him; I've never seen a guy run so fast.

Yesterday Mr. G was found floating in the Thames.

He took a risk to expose that which a secret global coalition of high-ranking church leaders would see buried. So, with respect to Mr. G and in the hope that letting the information out will make killing me pointless, I've decide to publish and be damned.

The documents Mr. G was silenced for stealing are a report, by 'global opinion poll giants' Ersatz & Postiche, which has taken over almost half a century to compile and collate, and interpret. In the biggest survey ever undertaken to discover what the believers actually believe, Ersatz & Postiche randomly selected a single member of every church in each country and asked them to secretly and anonymously fill out a multiple choice questionnaire. The questions were designed to reveal how much actual belief in their god, each individual had; as opposed to any other reasons they may want to attend a church.

Last night, my apartment was ransacked and the dossier was taken, so I now have no evidence to back this story. But worse, although I'd read the report returning home on the tube, I hadn't managed to make any notes. So, from memory then, some details of the contents.
  1. Only 3.9% of all religion followers fully believe in an actual "creator of all things"
  2. 98% of all religion followers admitted to never having had a prayer answered!

I remember, the report's conclusion was very wordy but to paraphrase for expediency; 'We all know that heaven is just a big scam to keep everybody sweet, and we don't mind the notion because we all have someone we'd like to see again.'

So there it is, the great majority of believers, believe there is no god and all religions are fake!

If you don't hear from me again - Peace, Love and Truth but always, with EYES wide!

Crispy Sea - The Atheist Creator

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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