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In The Before Is The Void

It occurred to me, as it probably has to many atheists, that all of our world's many creation myths are pretty rubbish.
That is to say, given what science has revealed, the texts of any of the scriptures, of the various "god(s)" we've imagined, could have been more "accurate" in their portrayal of "creation".
It's been argued, by various creationists I've had discourse with, that "knowing too much" would have left "us" nothing to discover.
It made me wonder if it would be possible to write a creation myth, which would not only be comprehensible to an ancient goatherd and have some elements that such an audience would deem "prophetic" and "answers", but also be sufficiently descriptive so as to approximate what a 21st century theoretical physicist might comprehend about the universe, whilst avoiding the "spoilers" point the creationists highlighted. I further considered that such a myth must also omit any hint of a deity, be written so that it could apply to any sentient species, existing at any time, across the cosmos and, as so many previous creation myths have an overly patriarchal tone, attempt to render it all in a gender neutral way.
So I've had a crack at it and, after having done this exercise, whilst I'm not holding up what follows as an exact representation of how the cosmos came about, it's based on what I've understood about current science, I'm not a scientist, so it's an artist's impression, I am saying, that for me to take any religious scripture seriously, that religious scripture's creation myth would have to proclaim pretty closely to what I've mused here and be almost identical to that which I've mused in bold.
So without further etcetera...

The Void
In the before is the void,
unvarying, dim and shapeless, limitless plain of nothingness.
And the still, silent void remained void for moments without measure,
when thought was still unfounded and time was still unknown.

Then a near spent echo of a timeless tiny tremble,
whose innate nature allowed then to be now, became,
emerging throughout all moments as one.
The echo caused a tiny fault, piercing the peace of that void,
a single, negligible splash of immaterial near-nought,
displacing the absence unto which it sprang.
In a newborn primary arrow of time
the tiny became spirals, loops and twists,
rippling and spinning all throughout,
birthing new facets of the void with their travel,
mingling with each other and acting alone,
their making of space for themselves, shaped the void about them.
And the void was becoming absent,
and the tangled, trembling, turmoil of the tiny was beginning.

The Turmoil
An unknown number of moments passed
and a timeless tiny tremble echoed again,
far weaker than the merest twitch of butterfly's wing,
the cause of a maelstrom,
it splashed into the turmoil, still rippling without end,
churning further its new chaotic home.
Another while passes then another of the tiniest of splashes.
Then another, and another, as light as the gentlest of rainstorms,
but each splash whipped up the turmoil about it with twists and loops and tangles.
Then a clash, on the tiniest of measures, in that which had become most restless.
And far from the deathly peaceful void it had once been the turmoil had become.
And all through its tiny, sprawling, entirety was clashing and churning and striking.
And from this trembling twisting turmoil of the tiny,
sprang the very first of the smallest.
And for the first time one circled another,
as if inseparably entranced, compelled to forever dance,
to a tune forged by the rules born in the first fruitful moment.

Eons passed then, in that turmoil of dark, came a clash with a bang,
more powerful than the most violent thunder clap and more silent than the long dead.
And the first bright light shone, where none had been before.
And it was the largest,
and it drew in all the smallest
and burned them all so fiercely and all at once, and another greater bang became,
and, in this fire, the greatest ever, the largest burned itself up also,
and its form burst and, as its fire died,
a great dark cloud, of all there ever was, was thrown out
and it grew and became widespread, making space for itself with its travel,
like a great spider's web, growing ever larger but without measure.

The Dark Cloud
And the widespread dark cloud remained dark but the rules still ruled,
and clashes and strikes and turmoil was rife all amongst the cloud,
and on one special day, that was a great clashing, a shining ball of fire appeared.
Its presence kindled further fires across the cloud,
as was its nature, born of the rules of the first fruitful moment.
And all across the cloud, in each new fire, new mixtures became.
And their newborn natures mixed and clashed,
And many more began to circle many more.
and the new forms burst out from their shining globes and became thrown out.
And that which was thrown out became widespread.
And the widespread was drawn together, the large drawing in the small.
And dust formed into rocks and shaped the cloud further.
And the pulls of all of the larger threw the smaller spinning through the cloud,
and they clashed with each other, and caused further larger discord in the cloud.
And the elements of the cloud increased their number and intricacy and were becoming.
and all the time the large stirred the small.
Everywhere, spinning rocks, heavy with heat and light,
pulled smaller, cooler, darker rocks, spinning in circles about them,
until there was much quiet throughout,
and what was once void and turmoil and dark cloud had become cosmos.

The Cosmos
And all across this cosmos were great collections.
It was the greatest multitude of groups of rocks, spinning and circling,
each around its own great shining globe of heat and light.
And uncountable the number of bodies of the cosmos had become,
and its form, like fine bejewelled necklaces,
was spread to the widest measure in all ways.

Eons passed and, as had happened many times before, all across this cosmos,
around one shining globe, in one corner, of one group, of the great multitude of the cosmos,
dust collected into great balls of rock and balls of cloud and some were large and some small,
and the large drew in the small, until each found a place,
spinning and circling around that shining globe.
And a new group had become, tiny against a cosmos beyond measure
but of a glorious magnificence of import.

The New
Eons passed and in one enormous sea, on one tiny spinning ball of rock, in that new group,
the smallest of the cosmos became joined together in ways as never before.
With constant churning of the powerful sea and unending lightening storms above,
the new became no longer rocks and dust and clouds.
No longer were rocks, dust and clouds alone in the cosmos.
the new had become, wholly different from all that had gone before.
And their new nature was winding and twisted as a labyrinth.
And their new labyrinthine form was the cause and they were with purpose.
The new forms needed.
And these were the first Life,
the tiniest plants and tiniest beasts had become.

The Life
Eons passed while the need drove Life,
to seek that which their form's nature urged them to seek.
They grew and changed and multiplied to fill all of the space on this tiny rock.
And their experience of their growth and change,
that they had gained through their daily lives,
became ingrained in their descendants for many generations.
And, with each circling of their rock around its globe,
their ingrained experience took on new twists,
until great forests covered the land,
and an uncountable multitude of tiny beasts populated all their roots, stems and branches.
And Life was fruitful all across this rock,
and populated all the ocean, grazed over all the lands, and took to the air.
And Life was the master of its domain,
and terrible bloody was the daily battle for survival.
But the many changes, forced on one and all, by the rules,
and by their battles with each other and their surroundings,
forged them into shapes better suited to surviving their days.
Life overcame all the changes in the nature around them,
and each generation spawned a generation better suited to their new surroundings.
With each passing millennium, each animal became more aware of their domain,
and all their great changes and awareness and their struggle for survival,
had brought forth a new form for Life.
No longer was ingrained experience the only means of survival;
all of Life's struggling had brought forth thought.

And on that glorious day, what was new, had became old and Wise.

The Wise
And the Wise climbed down from the trees,
where they had lived happily for an eon,
while they were still animals without thought,
and they thought they would walk upright,
to gain better awareness of their surroundings.
And this they did,
and they found their thought was true.
And the Wise mastered fire and skills with tools.
And they thought they could shape and change their surroundings to better suit their desires,
and this they did for a thousand generations,
and oft they found that their thought was true.
And their bodies and thoughts changed,
to better suit the surroundings they had created.
And after many years, of many bloody wars,
over which way of thought was most true,
they thought a way should be thought
for all the Wise to live in peace together,
and act fairly in all dealings, with one and all.
And so they toiled to forge rules,
fair for all, for all to live by.
And the Wise saw that they were good,
and again they found their thought was true.
And their collected knowledge and experience of their surroundings grew.
And they gained mastery over the beasts, turned the wild plants to their needs,
and farmed their animals and lands tirelessly and with great care,
and the Wise thrived by their thought and toil
and ate plentifully each and every year round.
And the nature of the Wise changed, their lives became of many more days,
and not so soon would the dark, silent, end of each become.
But the Wise knew the end of each, would always lay before each.
And the Wise thought of those darkest of days, known to all, of sorrow and pain,
when the end of each brings all that they were and knew to be lost.
And so that all that they were, all their best thoughts and deeds and toil, would not be lost,
the Wise made ways, to pass to each new child of the Wise, all that the Wise ever knew,
so all generations of the Wise would remember their thoughts and deeds and toil, and, for all the days ahead, the Wise would prosper by it.

The Truth
And, if the thoughts and deeds of the Wise hold true,
the journey before those of the nature of the Wise
is as wide, tall, deep and long lived as the cosmos itself.

The Tomorrows
And thus, as time passes, the Wise will learn,
to forge the rocks into shapes of their will.
And their number will grow to a great multitude,
and they will group together in great throngs,
and live in fine cities of crystal, all across their domain.
And the Wise will learn to ride on giant wings,
able, with ease, to race ahead of the rising sun.
And, in time, the Wise will learn skills with the smallest of the cosmos,
so they may better shape their domain.
And so wide will be their reach across the world,
that they will set their thoughts on travelling the cosmos.
And great will be their power,
to both grant life and destroy it.

And on one special day, when the Wise gain enough knowledge and skills,
they will collect all the Wise thoughts, of some millions of days,
and in a place of high mountains, by their collected will,
the Wise will mine a giant cavern,
and it shall be a great, long loop in the bowels of the Earth
and they will cause it to be filled with lightening.
And beneath those high mountains the Wise will watch,
with tireless patience and for as long as it shall take,
as their great lightening loop brings forth its offspring,
the turbulent tremblings of the tiniest of the cosmos,
And with the deepest truths of the nature of the cosmos rising before their eyes,
and with their great power of group thought, which has brought them to that place,
they will piece together the nature and form of all of the history that ever there was.
And their effort will be fruitful and the Wise will discover a great bounty,
many of the greatest of their questions shall be answered but it will pose many more.
And the Wise will rejoice in this,
because it is in the nature of the Wise to seek knowledge.

And all the time the Wise observe the offspring of their lightening loop,
and all the time they are learning answers to their questions,
the lightening loop, unforeseen and unknown, is bearing timeless tiny tremblings,
whose innate natures allow now to be then,
and echo throughout all moments,
and excite an unvarying, dim and shapeless,
limitless plain of nothingness.

There you are, that's my artist's impression of a more 'accurate' scripture, which could have been "revealed"; a possible "received word", fully formatted for any potential Bronze Age wannabe prophet to set up his very own snake-oil stall, though I sense no prophet could profit from it. It's clearly not perfect but, as a non-omniscient, fairly fallible chap, I'm quite chuffed with it.

Now, the question is...
Given the unbelievably inaccurate load of old fantasy fables we have ended up with, how can anyone consider it possible, let alone likely, that an all-knowing god dictated, inspired or revealed any one of them?

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The sections of the creation myth above that are not in bold are my speculation.
If you are interested, the reasoning behind that speculation is here.

I'm guessing that those who pretend in some magic or other, a soul, spirit, god or what-have-you, will likely suggest that "In the before was the void" is what I "believe". For those of you who can't imagine reality without your fictional friends, I just want to point out that it is not what I "believe". I need not "believe" it, there is no need or compulsion to do so. It's just a composite of what I understand of the evidence uncovered by science, with a sprinkling of speculation on top.
"Belief" is not required.

This is one of the Too Many Questions
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you will also enjoy my novel
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