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ARC Card

For millenniums the religious have carried their beliefs with them wherever they go. They see no fault in this and have thus far had no reason to have recognised it as such. We are now living in a different time, a time when rational thought is more widespread and when what constitutes rational thought is better understood. It is my contention that religious thinkers do not think entirely rationally. As I discussed in Trial by Jury on Trial I feel that their exposure to their scriptural diktats makes them susceptible to considering problems under an imagined supernatural influence, which subsequently causes them to make decisions grounded, at least partly, in their irrational fears or favour.
As a rational thinker, first and foremost, I hold clear-minded logical decisions higher than all other considerations and feel that this position is implied whenever I state "I'm atheist". However, it has become clear over the years that when I inform a religious believer of my atheism they often do not hear "rational thinker" but rather "devil worshipper" or "god hater" or some other doctrine-influenced perspective of my position. It has troubled me for a while that admitting my atheism to some official or other may inadvertently influence the way that official perceives and thereby treats me.
As it's impossible to judge, prior to the information being delivered to the "believing" official, just how indoctrinated that official is and how strongly they cleave to the atheist-shunning, persecution instructions in their hate-book, it's impossible to gauge just how that official will view my atheism, so I've concluded that the best solution would be to attempt to take the believer's unpredictable demeanour toward my atheism out of the equation by, wherever possible, requesting a rational thinker with whom to interact.
The Atheist Rational Consideration card is intended to incur the least interaction with a potentially irrational thinker and, hopefully, deliver a rational interaction without too many angry words being exchanged. (I wouldn't bank on that)

Should you choose to use the ARC card, a word of warning, be discerning in the times when you do so. For example. In medical situations you will want the best person available to treat you; use of the card in those situations may limit your choice of medical professional.
The card may be of use in legal situations; in requesting a rational legal representative or for displaying your wish to have a rational Judge or jury consisting of rational peers etc. though, this is untested.
Lastly, the card is designed to display your desire for rational interaction and indicate that you consider the religious as unsuitable to fulfill that criteria. At the very least, if you keep an ARC card in your wallet, should you die unexpectedly it might just prevent some pervert priest or other form of professional witch-doctor chanting idiotic religious claptrap over your corpse, irrespective of whatever religious brand your parents had stamped on your birth certificate.
Should you wish to carry an ARC card, it is free to download and print out.
(To download, "Right click" and choose "Save image as" then select "desktop" or some other location on your computer to which you wish to save it.
If printed at 300dpi it should be approximately credit card size)

Will it be of any use to anyone? I dunno.
Could it raise awareness of how some atheists feel about having to entrust one's business, fair treatment or care to the decisions of the arguably irrational? Maybe, so...
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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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