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Hoodwink Avoidance - A Ten Step Guide

Even though the title of this post kind of delivers everything you really need to know about its content, I thought I might expand on the term hoodwink for those who may not know it. It's to pull the wool over one's eyes, proverbial or natural. To make it clear; it's a list of things which may help us all to NOT be fooled, deceived or otherwise done over.
And I know there are probably thousands more "Great Granny's sayings" or "Dad's sweet one-liners" that could swell the list to way more than any ten step guide could contain but hey it's a ten step guide, it couldn't possibly have any more because then it wouldn't be one; it would be a mockery of both the title and all the other ten step guides out there.
If, however, you have any fab parent's good advice, serious or hilarious leave 'em in the comments. That way it can fulfill the brutally strict criteria which was set up for all ten step guides by the globally powerful TSG guild; an organization that will, with a zeal and relish rarely seen in this politically correct age, actually drum members out for even the slightest transgression! They're almost religious about it!
Anyway, the point of this guide which, as I may have mentioned, consists of ten steps, is to, hopefully, help us all through our collective daily diet of commercials, scammers, manipulators, salesmen, government spin, religions & their faithful followers, con men, corporations and family; not to mention, those special family members with secrets, or who are secrets! No names, no pack drill (shhh).
So, bush sufficiently beaten around and dilly-dallying complete, here it is, I give you...
a ten step guide of Hoodwink avoidance techniques.

1. Listen with your head, not your heart
2. Hear ONLY the words that are spoken
3. Assume nothing
4. Interpret nothing without comprehending
5. Have nothing interpreted for you
6. Trust nobody's opinion
7. Expect everybody to have their own agenda
8. Expect your government to screw you over
9. Expect to die
10. Make up your own mind up about the quality of advice given in ten step guides
11. Not all ten step guides go up to eleven
Much of the content of this guide was probably,
originally, supplied by Buddha.(Quote)
Repackaged for your pleasure by my head.

Oh shit! Eleven! The ten step guide guild's gonna flip!
Naaarghh, I hear the drums! What a thing to get crucified for!
Why did I ever start this ten step guide thing anyway?
Oh no, they're at the door.
What do you mean it's not so much because there are eleven?
What? Of course they're steps!...? I mean, aren't they?
Well, I didn't know! really! No, no, are the cuffs really necessary?
Hey, wait, I'm still in my slippers!
Where are you taking me?
Will someone call my lawyerrr....... ??
This is one of the Too Many Questions
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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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