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Will Moderate Muslims Please Stand Up

Dear moderate Muslims,

You claim the militants, radicals, extremists don't truly follow Islam. They claim that you are not following it properly. You must be furious that these foul, evil, haters of human freedom are bringing such an easily despised view of YOUR religion to global attention, but how can we, whom are NOT compelled by any scripture to cause harm, however 'righteously', how can we know that's how you feel? I 'hear' you constantly professing that your religion is peaceful so won't you please...
Take Responsibility.
Be the surgeon of your own religion. Declare a Jihad on the those you claim are perverting your precious message. If those at war with human freedom are truly your religion's cancer, cut them out!
Openly denounce the radicals and militants. (While you do not, we (the rest of the human race) must assume you stand with them and secretly support them.)
Openly denounce any who promote hate, especially your Imam.
Openly discourage extremist talk of militant jihad.
Muslim mothers - please take charge and slap the violent urges from your sons.
Report your troubled youths and errant Imam's to the police.

If you feel that the Qur'an, Hadith and Sharia need modernisation, that they no longer properly represent the modern Muslim, or indeed as I feel, are the root cause of the extremists, born, however misguidedly, from the more violent, misogynistic passages, then take personal, local, direct action...

Openly admit Islam is a supremacist doctrine. (It is, whether you admit it or not, but admitting so would at least show some measure of intellectual honesty.)
Openly refuse to worship the hate (Modify the clearly supremacist Surah 1:7)
Openly declare equal rights for women.
Muslim women, openly assert your own equal rights. (If you are a Muslim woman living in a free democracy, you do not have to obey your husband. The only power over you to which your husband is entitled, is the power you choose to give him. YOU ARE FREE and our free democratic laws support your freedom.)
Openly send Midwinter greetings cards to your friends and neighbours.
Openly fly the flag of the nation in which you have chosen to make your home.
Openly stand for, and sing along with, your national anthem. (You are either a part of the free democracy in which you thrive, or you are not. If do not wish to be part of it, then you should be asking yourself whether you should be there.)
Openly denounce the global dominance aspirations of Islam.
Openly take those of other religions or no religion as your friend.
Openly watch television programmes made in the free democracies.
Campaign for the proper education your children in Evolutionary science.(Ultimately, dishonest education can only be a disservice to our children and our democracy.)
Openly sign the Declaration of Human Rights. (Take it to your mosque and get your friends to sign it too. How about a sign up party?)
Openly protest against the human rights violations. (Show you are for peace! Iran is a nightmare, Iran is Muslim! They are your home-boys, don't like what they're saying? Then get on it! Protest and sort it!)
Openly declare your dissatisfaction with the hateful passages within the Qur'an (delete Surah 9:5 etc.)
You could even do this yourself!
You don't have to wait for the hierarchy to sanction your actions. Permanent markers are widely available. If you feel you want to make a protest, although I would never promote wilful destruction of property, you could register your dissenting opinion instantly and easily. What could be a simpler or more peaceful protest than just striking through the hateful passages in any Qur'an you find?

Please note here.
If you are worried that you may get in trouble with your parents, friends or religious hierarchy for acting on any of the points I've made here.

If, alternatively, you have a clear understanding of exactly what punishment you will receive for acting on any of the points I've made here.

Open dissent is the cornerstone of a free thinking democracy.
And at the core of freedom.

You say there's over a billion of you, so that's plenty of people to 'educate' any extremist minority into extinction.
Stand the fuck up!

Take responsibility
Ensure your religion IS the religion of peace you profess it to be.
I wonder why you haven't yet done so.

For those unaware, this is apparently what moderate Muslims sound like...

I've a very different comprehension of the definition of the word moderate, have you?
This is one of the Too Many Questions

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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