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Pretended To Death

I read a report on the Amnesty website this week about a popular presenter of a TV show on a Lebanese satellite station. The former host, Ali Hussain Sibat, had been arrested on an Islamic religious pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia in 2008. The religious police processed him and eighteen months later, the news was released that he had been judged, found guilty and sentence to death for 'sorcery'! All because in his TV show he would predict the future!
NOBODY should ever be put to death for sorcery, because unless your five, magic is nonsense.
But it's not nonsense to those who believe, is it? No, it's their stock-in-trade…If there is no magic or there are no magical creatures to protect you from, what's the use of a big helpful magician? (god / allah / yahweh / what-have-you etc.)
And if there's no need for the big helpful magician, there's no use for his conjurers! (priest / imam / rabbi / what-have-you etc.)

This is all about whose imagined reality is right!
My dads super-power is bigger than your dad's!
Schoolyard shenanigans!

Now, whilst there's an element in me that is screaming 'Those who live by the sword, die by the sword', mostly I'm appalled that a man is going to be officially slaughtered for this...

A man had once or twice pretended to look into the future (Oooohhh, how spooky and evil of him!!) Later he was on a pilgrimage for the religion he really pretends is real, a pilgrimage which placed him firmly within the jurisdiction of the police who were cross about his earlier improper pretending.
They had no choice, religious police forces are designed to 'deal' with those pedaling a different kind of pretend to the one they're protecting. Offensive, unsanctioned pretending ways, prohibited by the pretending ways they were sworn to protect, must be trampled. That crushing of the man's evil pretending took shape. They captured his cocky pretending ass and whacked him in the clink, ready for beheading, or whatever they've deemed a worthy punishment for the wrong kind of pretending.

But he's
Really not pretend!

Lies, you know what they're like!
Tell a little one and they just keep on growing
until some poor fucker gets beheaded!

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10 December 2009 - Death sentences over Saudi 'sorcery' claims
17 March 2010 - Saudi Arabia: “Sorcery” death sentence upheld: ‘Ali Hussain Sibat
1 October 2010 - Saudi Arabian King urged to commute “sorcery” death sentences
"Stay of execution" - BBC
1-10-2010 Amnesty international that Ali Hussain Sibat was still awaiting execution.

After the huge outcry by Amnesty International and others, the Saudi courts stayed Mr. Sibat’s execution by beheading. 
So, YAY, you would think, but no, they sentenced him in 2010 to a 15-year prison term!

So the question here is simple, How is Saudi Arabia not more widely condemned for their human rights atrocities?

This is one of the Too many questions


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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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