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This Is Easy That Is Difficult

This post was inspired by the nauseatingly numerous theists' comments across, sadly, many forums in denial of evolution. The comments usally read something like...
"Even after all I've heard from atheists, I still feel that total belief in evolution
takes a whole lot more imagination than a belief in God the creator!"
I think we can all lay claim to having heard the religious exhibit this kind of poor thinking that seems to be a consequence of faith; they seem quite often to be confused about which things are complicated and which are easy, what is obvious and what is not.
I'll try to illustrate -
It seems to me that to be convinced of god most people only have to be told "there is one and you'd better watch out if you're naughty" I use that phraseology because most are brainwashed at a time when the god notion is easily embeded - as children. It's simply a matter of not considering any alternatives from that point - you just continue to do what you were told to do as a child and follow whichever dogma your innocence was force fed.
So, relatively easy to achieve belief in a God

Conversely it seems, to be convinced of evolution one has to study hard for a good number of years, collecting the multivarious components of evidence which point to a reasonable conclusion that evolution is the true mechanisn for the arrival of life on earth. Some very big words are involved, one must comprehend data and listen to lectures, one is required to sit numerous exceedingly difficult exam; and all whilst living under the socially perpetuated perspective that for what you're studying you will be condemned to an eternity of torment - a difficulty which is much more intense for any previously 'devout/faithful' biologist - Acceptance that because the evidence leads to evolution as the conclusion, the individual's lifetime experience via the pervasive social and government backed GOD indoctination must be wrong. The pre-indoctrinated must then spend countless years not only self deprogramming, eventually, hopefully, expunging religious feelings/guilt/doubt completely from the conscious mind but also question the reasons behind government backing of the lie!
Those who comprehend the facts of evolution know it MEANS there is no god, however not all those who comprehend are capable of breaking the programming, and others are not strong enough to stand without the (false) hope of a heavenly visit with long mouldy relatives.
In the face of such adversity, it seems to me, an infinitely more difficult achievment for
an individual to become convinced of evolution.

So yes, one could say it takes more imagination to believe in evolution, but it only takes imagination if you incapable of learning the facts. Learn the facts and you don't need any imagination, it's suddenly patently obvious. Whereas with a god figure, one can ONLY imagine - there are no facts to present!

As a tentative conclusion (which it never is with this bloody topic!) if the religious have that much trouble comprehending the more "Black and White" parameters of "Easy" and "Difficult", it's understandable that the more subtle concepts of "MORE LIKELY" and "LESS LIKELY" are less easily grasped.
Random event forms the universe
A full formed god pops into existance fully equipped with more knowledge, understanding and powers than any other being has since been able to come close to achieving

I wonder, if you dissected a religious persons brain, if you would find synaptic connections that showed the person also thought black was white, right was left, up was down etc. lol.
With this in mind fellow warriors of reason step forth
but tread carefully, they are not right you know!
Really, I mean it, beware - that much delusion in one place
can only be dangerous!
Check this
(I think it's how we got them!)
Humanity and Religion - Recipe for Disaster?

Finally, as you might have guessed, a couple of questions...
In proclaiming "it takes MORE imagination to believe in evolution than god", doesn't the use of the word 'more' imply that a measurable amount of imagination is required to achieve belief in a god? And, doesn't the proclamation thereby imply that even the proclaimer, often a staunch believer, has some comprehension that the god their god is imaginary?

This is one of the Too many questions
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If you enjoy what you read here
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Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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