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No GOD - The Explanation

The point of the first blog There is No GOD - Official (If you haven't read it, you should read it first; it'll make more sense that way!) was to highlight that we may not be heeding a very important piece of advice, which is more important today than ever; NEVER BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ, especially if the text you are believing in is something which you may not have had the opportunity to read and understand without anyone elses presumptions, assumptions or conclusions of what the text actually means.

The Point of this second blog is to display, (by dissecting the first blog) why one should ALWAYS be aware, that the facts of ANY written work may not be as the work seems to show, and that the reader's 'life experience' adds to the tale in order to complete any omissions and comprehend the tale; just as we fill in the in-between frames when watching a cartoon.

There is No GOD - OfficialThe breakdown
Two days ago at 4:37am in a back alley near the
1'Dog & Lyre' Pub in Croydon, London, I met with a young man.

1The Dog & Lyre spoken quickly, could easily sound like "DAWG GONE LIAR"

2Mr. G had in his possession what he had described to me as a dossier of documents, highly sensitive in nature and concerning the church.

2It is not made clear if Mr. G is the young man the reporter met.
He handed me the dossier, said I had 24 hours, then he needed it back. I agreed and we were shaking hands when he suddenly tensed and looked
3 very scared, like he'd seen something or someone he didn't like; I turned to look but there was nothing there. When I turned back
4 he was pelting down the alley like there was a rhino after him; I've never seen a guy run so fast.

3 This is the reporter's impression of how Mr. G looked; for all we know he may have had wind! It was their first meeting and it was dark! And the fact that the reporter saw nothing when he turned, may support this theory.
4He may have run because it wasn't wind but some sort of gastric or bowel disorder, he may have urgently needed the toilet! Also, it's unclear if the reporter has ever seen anyone run ever; it's assumed that he measures human running capacity the same way the rest of us do!
Yesterday Mr. G was found floating in the Thames. This does not state that Mr. G is dead, just floating, he may have had water wings and, you don't have to be dead to be found!
He took a risk to expose that which a secret global coalition of high-ranking church leaders
would see buried. So, with respect to Mr. G and in the hope that letting the information out will make killing me pointless, I've decide to publish and be damned.

5If there was “a secret global coalition of high-ranking church leaders” isn’t this exactly the type of document they would want to conceal? Without evidence of such a group the statement is vacuus.
The documents Mr. G was silenced for stealing are a report, by 'global opinion poll giants' Ersatz & Postiche, which has taken over almost half a century to compile and collate, and interpret. In the biggest survey ever undertaken to discover what the believers actually believe, Ersatz & Postiche randomly selected a single member of every church in each country and asked them to secretly and anonymously fill out a multiple choice questionnaire. The questions were designed to reveal how much actual belief in their god, each individual had; as opposed to any other reasons they may want to attend a church. Dictionary Definitions:

Ersatz: An artificial or inferior substitute or imitation.
Postiche: Something that is a counterfeit; not what it seems to be.
Last night, my apartment was
6ransacked and the dossier was taken, so I now have no evidence to back this story. But worse, although I'd read the report returning home on the tube, I hadn't managed to make any notes. So, from
7memory then, some details of the contents.
  1. Only 3.9% of all religion followers fully believe in an actual "creator of all things"
  2. 98% of all religion followers admitted to never having had a prayer answered!

6 It is not stated who ransacked the apartment, nor if the dossier was taken as part of a general burglary.
The reader must assume, because of the mention a couple of paragraphs earlier that the unsubstantiated 'secret global coalition of high-ranking church leaders' are the likely perpetrators.
7 The reporter is relaying from MEMORY - so the next information has to be treated with suspicion
I remember, the report's conclusion was very wordy but
8 to paraphrase for expediency; 'We all know that heaven is just a big scam to keep everybody sweet, and we don't mind the notion because we all have someone we'd like to see again.'
8 Given that we know the reporter is speaking from memory, we MUST question his stated motive for paraphrasing. It is likely not expediency but that he just can't remember clearly and is conveying the gist; the problem here is it's the gist as he understood it, after one reading, on the tube. It may not be the truth, he may have misinterpreted, misremembered or misinterpreted what he remembered! Further if he is hiding the fact that he can't remember, one must wonder what other 'word economies' he has used throughout.
So there it is, the great majority of believers, believe there is no god and all religions are fake!
If you don't hear from me again - Peace, Love and Truth but always, with EYES wide!
Crispy Sea - The Atheist Creator
A Wild, unsubstantiated claim by the reporter that bears only passing relevance to what the 'facts' revealed.

I have attempted to highlight points in the story where the reader must make assumptions in order to understand the landscape of the tale. My hope is that the points display how ANY text, which has not been SPECIFICALLY WRITTEN to avoid the need for assumption, is deeply suspect.

I'm Atheist because I cannot see how any religious text could claim to have been written under such a criteria and so for me, all scriptures must be regarded as 'suspect'.

However, personal beliefs aside, as I said before, this holds true for ALL text,

When they say 'read the small print', they should say
read the small print until YOU understand it!

but also, the warning should be extended to ALL conversation and EVERY TV NEWS report.
When you are aware of how they are doing it,
and they are doing it
exactly like it was done above
they can't lie to you anymore.


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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
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Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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