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Too Many Souls on earth for God? Or, Not Enough?

July 2008
The world's population is estimated to be just over
6.692 billion.
If it all started like the tenets suggest
with just 2 people
ONLY 6000 years ago

How are there so many of us?
Estimated world population (at various dates)
Answersingenesis.org states:-

'We know from the Bible that around 2500 BC the worldwide Flood reduced the world population to 8 people. But if we assume that the population doubles every 150 years, we see that starting with only Noah and his family in 2500 BC, 4,500 years is more than enough time for the present population to reach 6.5 billion.'

If you look at the table for years 2000 and 1850 you see that

the earth's population DOES NOT double every 150 years

It is glaringly unclear whether or not their calculations include deaths by war, famine, disaster, etc. nevertheless, when compared to the collected census data, their information seems

clearly wrong.
Year  Global Population  
2000  6,070,581,000     6.0 billion  
1980  4,434,682,000     4.4 billion  
1960  2,981,659,000     2.9 billion  
1900  1,650,000,000     1.6 billion  
1850  1,262,000,000     1.2 billion  
1800  978,000,000     978 million  
1750  791,000,000     791 million  
1000  310,000,000     310 million  
1  200,000,000     200 million  
500 BCE  100,000,000     100 million  
1000 BCE  50,000,000     50 million  
2000 BCE  35,000,000     35 million  
3000 BCE  25,000,000     25 million  
4000 BCE   20,000,000     20 million  
5000 BCE  15,000,000     15 million  
6000 BCE  10,000,000     10 million  
7000 BCE  7,000,000     7 million  
8000 BCE  5,000,000     5 million  
9000 BCE  3,000,000     3 million  
10,000 BCE  1,000,000     1 million  
28,000 BCE       
The light you saw when you woke this morning was being created in the centre of our Sun 30 thousand years ago! That's 24,000 years before many of the tenets say the universe was created!!!
70,000 BCE  2,000     2 thousand  
Year  Global Population  

Once again, no conclusions
Just a Hmmmmm!
Someone's telling porky-pies!
Who do you think it is?
The scientists,
with nothing to gain?
The religions
with everything to lose?

You can probably guess what I think!
This is one of the Too many questions
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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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