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Born Rational

The oxford dictionaries definition of Atheist is "A person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods", which is the condition of ALL babies prior to magical indoctrination.
Now you may think...
"A baby lacks belief in everything, so its absence of a belief in a god or gods is meaningless and, of itself, is not an indication that no god exists. Born atheist isn't an argument for atheism!"
...and I'd agree, it isn't an argument for the absence of a god. 'Born atheist' is just a fact; merely a recognition of the status quo. We're all implicit atheists before the society into which we are born brands us, imprinting dogma and tradition. Our lack of any indoctrination, spiritual or otherwise, is a fact across almost every area of the baby's existence, however, for those proffering...
"Babies are also free of all rational thinking."
...the evidence before us, in every child ever born to every species, is that is not so and, once again, the human eye, already much discussed in the theological debate, offers example.
When we are born we see the world as it is presented by the lens of our eye, which projects it inverted onto the retina.
Over a period of time the baby rationalises that clear and fulsome but poorly presented data from the eye against the data it is receiving from other bodily sensations, including the extremely reliable and ever present gravity data stream.
With no human intervention possible, there can be no complex communication with a being which has no means of complex communication, one may only assume the baby's rationalisation of the disparate data streams indicates we're all born as innately rational beings. And, as supporting evidence for that assumption, if we examine from the converse perspective, a being without the ability to rationalise the data streams(an irrational being) would fail to survive or survive less well.
Further, no matter how we feel about this world's natural disasters, tragedies etc, it's a rational, internally cohesive, generally predictable system. It is unsurprising that therein the beings functioning most rationally thrive best, which conforms beautifully with 'the survival of the fittest'; the most suitable to fit the rational environment survives through harnessing rationality. Or, to put it more lyrically...
In any rational environment the most rational being rationalises most rationally.
Seems to me, as I've shown above, whereas supernatural fables may only be learnt after the child has developed the complex communication skills required for indoctrination, acting rationally is innate, a necessity for the survival of any life-form; any baby of any species must act rationally to properly process the rational data of the world and progress from infancy to childhood.
When then you consider, to our current knowledge, humanity is the pinnacle of rational thought in the cosmos, is it rational to claim an offspring thereof, is born contrary to the evidence visible in any human baby's development and, frankly, all other known life, in a state of irrationality?
Finally, is one who implies or directly claims "Babies are born without rationality" doing so to dishonestly promote the notion that rational thought has parity with religious concepts, by implying they are both taught/learnt? Or that it has parity because they are both innate?
And, as promotion of either would be a dishonest representation of the situation, can one who lies so openly, merely to sooth their ego by crowbarring a wish for eternal life into the topic, be trusted to be honest on any topic?

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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