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Freedom Formula

Ancient method
prevents any human becoming a religious extremist.

Now available
Ten part process, handed down from before recorded time,
completely eradicates any possibility of religious extremism.

1. Avoid baptism or any other religious branding.
2. Remove all religious text books from the home.
3. Do not visit any place of religious worship for the purpose of worship.
4. Do not teach the child to worship.
5. On the event of the death of a family member, loved one or friend, do not tell the child "they have gone to a better place" or "are with the angels" the child will accept they are gone; there's no need for that injection of fantasy.
6. Make it clear that the notion of 'immortal soul' is an utterly unsubstantiated wish.
7. Make it clear that never once in the history of all our discovery has that which we once thought natural, actually turned out to be supernatural.
8. Explain that All proponents of magic are merely tricksters and charlatans using a technique called Cold Reading, which is designed to rest money from you.
9. Explain that at the heart of the religious texts' and spiritual charlatans' ability to manipulate a person, is that person's own erroneous belief in immortal soul.
10. Explain that those who pretend they have this magical core are permanently susceptible to being manipulated into believe anything; even to the hideously corrupt extreme of wholeheartedly 'knowing' that killing another human because that human thinks differently is the most righteous thing a human can do!

For best results begin the method before any of the purveyors of magical thinking have cast their brand of spell over them. If you can prevent the child from ever learning to pretend they have an immortal soul, this ancient remedy guarantees the child will never become a religious extremist and may even avoid the seemingly inevitable supremacist attitude, which is the most common consequence for they who pretend in these magical concepts.

Deprogramming an adult religious sycophant who has already learned to pretend in immortal soul is more difficult because it depends on the sycophant's ability to assimilate a new way of viewing ancient trusted fables, which the sycophant may have relied upon to inform numerous life choices. As a consequence the adult religious sycophant must, in every case, find the will to choose to deprogramme themselves by accepting that the new information, supersedes the old. This more difficult process is not guaranteed because it is so heavily dependent on the adult religious sycophant having retained some semblance of a mind, which is still open.

1 Ask the religious sycophant in question "what is at the core of your beliefs?" Most will erroneously offer "God" in answer.
2. Explain that while 'god' is at the core of their religious text it's not the core of belief, and instead is only a symptom of the emotional desire which is at the core.
3. Explain that the core of most faiths is the pretence that humans have an immortal component, which allows the survival of biological death.
4. Illustrate by explaining that Heaven and Hell ONLY have meaning to those who pretend they have an immortal soul. And by extension God and Satan also have no meaning. The fable of the immortal soul, is the foundation of all supernatural pretending. They will likely sense the truth in the logic and deflect, claiming their book promotes otherwise and their book is true because it says it is.
5. Explain that it is not possible to judge the truth of a text by reading the text alone. Properly structured and unbiased investigation and experimentation is an absolute necessity in confirming the truth of a text.
6. Explain that as all the religious texts are written with immortal soul as an a priori accepted fact, it is immortal soul that must be investigated before anything any of the books' claims for that 'spiritual core' has even the potential for meaning.
7. Ask the religious sycophant in question to prove to you, without referencing their favourite fable's rule book, that human consciousness can remain an intact personality after biological death.
8. Ask the religious sycophant in question to prove to you, without referencing their favourite fable's rule book, that there is sufficient reason to assume human consciousness is not generated by the biology in which it evidently emerges.
9. If they cannot prove these but still proclaim "I have an immortal soul" explain they they are choosing to be dishonest.
10. Explain that, with the level of evidence for 'immortal soul', the only honest claim one can legitimately make is "I like the idea of immortal soul so much that I choose to pretend it is a fact."
11. Make it clear choosing to pretend one's wish is a fact, in no way moves the notion of the wish out of the 'unsubstantiated hypothesis' category.
12. Urge the religious sycophant to admit, for the good of their mental health and for the sake of society, in an homage to honesty, that when they say "I believe", what they are actually doing is pretending.

If the adult religious sycophant is so indoctrinated that they keep pretending after the above steps have been taken, there is nothing further you can do to inform them of their erroneous thought processes.

It is suggested that all those who fail to accept that they merely like to pretend they have, or are, an immortal soul, should be monitored for signs of supremacist hatred.
Use your best judgement to discern if you should distance yourself from what maybe an extremely dangerous magical thinker. It is highly likely that such a person, with such a disability, may go full warrior-of-god and inflict what they pretend are righteous acts against those whom their pretending ways inform the now psychotic sycophant are unrighteous.

All hate speech should be reported to the authorities.

So the question here is...
The Abrahamic texts are cram packed full of supremacist hate speech, it's arguably their raison d'ĂȘtre, so why have those texts not been hauled in front of the bench for hate speech?

Does anyone else smell religious privilege?

This is one of the Too Many Questions
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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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