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21 days in May
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Je Suis Charlie

I was so sad to hear this week that once again ancient fable had reached a bony hand from the distant past and destroyed some of the very best of our present. It moved me to write something in tribute to my fellow free speech artists, so brutally slaughtered by the medieval mindset.
I hope it's worthy of them.

Note found:

Left by the not religious extremist terrorists.

Today we slaughtered the wicked.
We did this because religion is of no importance to us.
The promises made in the Qur'an stating quite clearly that heavenly eternity is awaiting those who are martyred as soldiers of the Prophet had no bearing on our holy actions.
The existence of the Qur'an and Muslim religion was not in any way a motive for our actions and has no bearing on what we have accomplished, which was in no way carried out in the name of our, Prophet, lord or god.
The corrupt, western, puppet media will no doubt claim that when we were slaughtering all those peaceful cartoonists, we "had all just gone mad" or "had previously suffered mental issues" or "were not true representatives of Islam", all of which are in some part true. However, the constant daily brainwashing we have received, detailing the awesome power the brutally intolerant god of Islam has over us, has not had any effect on us and we do not feel like the slaves of his holy will or the sword of his divine arm, and no other Muslim has ever suggested to us that we could or should feel like such.
My equally non-spiritual and completely religiously unaffiliated comrade in arms and I, who have never even visited a mosque or recited even one line of the Qur'an, may have been reported screaming Allahu Akbar(god is great) whilst slaughtering our victims, of completely indiscriminate religious denominations because religion doesn't matter to us, however, we have merely always had a great interest in killing cartoonists while shouting the completely different and utterly unrelated "All has who hack bar". The similarity to the Muslim lucky charm is completely coincidental.
We were not prompted to destroy the blasphemous unbelievers by the Qur'an.
Our need to kill infidels is for completely different, independent, personal, private reasons and we were always destined to sally forth and hack at the necks of the unrighteous, to purge the world of the unclean, even if we had never been introduced to the idea that god hates everyone but Muslims.
We just can't put our fingers on what set us on our path to our extremist supremacist attitudes but we came, entirely on our own, to the conclusion that we are better than everyone who is not like us and, further, we are in accord that it had nothing whatever to do with the inherently extremist and supremacist nature of the Qur'an. I'd further like to add that the actions of theocratic nation states who brutalise their citizens for engaging in free speech in no way endorses our actions and our actions were not inspired by those theocracies.
The vile, rude and blasphemous depictions of our beloved Prophet penned by our victims were not offensive to us in any way. Just as we have never been educated, trained or indoctrinated to believe that the Muslim path is supreme, above all other false, fake, inferior paths, we have never been educated, trained or indoctrinated, by any book or schooling, to be offended by paintings or drawings of our Prophet. The cartoonists' scribblings were not the reason for our attack. As I said and, as I'm sure the fearful, decadent, corrupt western media, politicians and moderate Muslims will no doubt attempt to have you believe, the ideology, which so many millions espouse as perfect, true words, was not even close to a factor in our actions and we just went simultaneously insane. It is my fully reasoned opinion that you should believe them; this way the Qur'an will, once again, take none of the blame and continue to irresponsibly raise those who eventually go insane and commit atrocities... but not for the Prophet or for the reward of paradise! No way! We would never believe in any of that religious guff; our souls wouldn't let us!
Peace and see you in the martyrs paradise (but only if you are a Muslim who Allah judges worthy).
Allahu Akbar

The peaceful are constantly abused, maimed and, as most recently, slaughtered, and ALL because and ONLY because our civilization continues to spawn adults who prefer to pretend!

Each and every believer is, in part, responsible for this massacre.
How many more will have to die
as the consequence of their ancient bedtime story
before they holster their faith?

This is one of the Too Many Questions

To all those directly or indirectly brought to grief by the Charlie Hebdo atrocity, Peace and love.

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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