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21 days in May
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Islam Sets Muslim Monster Free

Fair warning here, the content of the story I'm about to highlight are distasteful in the extreme.

I'm sure, if you've been on a social network in the past few days, you'll have read about the vile Islamic preacher who monstrously brutalised his 5 year old daughter, Lama, raping her "everywhere" and breaking her back. (Article by Rawstory.com.)
It's foul and nauseating and disgusting and all those prerequisite words of revulsion, with which I entirely agree, but it's also troubling on a censorship level.
Like I said, you'll know the story if you've been on a social network, however, if your only source of news is the BBC website/BBC TV news, you will have different words for this heinous crime by this primitive Muslim savage. The BBC are reporting it as a "beating"! (BBC News online report.) Hardly any mention of the method by which this member of the "religion of peace" destroyed his little girl.
I understand that the BBC has a duty to not unnecessarily inflame this country's members of cults but to so drastically diminish this sickening murder?
Isn't that just hiding political correctness behind the word allegedly?
Isn't that an act of irresponsible censorship?
Isn't placing the fear of incurring Muslim 'displeasure' above my right to know the facts, only indicative of the Muslim tradition of burning and bashing that which offends their cult?

If members of a religion, social group, political party or what-have-you, act or appear to have acted in a way that I may find abhorrent, I want to know about it; I want to be aware of the likely threats within my nation's boundaries. Surely, the BBC's reporting here can only prohibit my comprehension of the actual situation; prevent me from forming a balanced view.?
How are half-truths and omissions helpful to social cohesion?

Now, surprisingly, this story has gone viral not because of the brutal usage of his daughter as a sex aid but because of the decision to set this Muslim monster free, with only a fine! (Lama's story covered by a Saudi blogger)
This story is about two morally reprehensible abuses of Lama, firstly by her Muslim father and his religious and culturally twisted values but then again by the Islamically spawned culture of the state in which she lived, when the Saudi Arabian sharia law system spat on Lama's memory and right of justice. This story is about the dark evil of Islam, the misogynistic, humanity diminishing, cult of Mohammed and the way 'his' lies assist his book's evil acolytes and sycophants.
This is not merely about a "beating"!
Surely, as a free UK native, I have the right to know ALL the facts, so I can decide for myself the values of those those who affiliate themselves with this medieval cult of hate?

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As a final thought here - is this about oil? Can Saudi Arabia get away with such abuses of human freedom because western governments are addicted to the energy under their sand?
If it is,(probably is) I personally would rather forego the oil, let the lights go out and live in a cave rather than support the proponents of this wretched tome.

It's exactly these sorts of legal decisions that prompted me to write "Trial By Jury On Trial"

This is one of the Too Many Questions
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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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