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Soul Trapped Spirit

People used to believe humans were animated by a force. We came to call this life force ‘Soul’. Then medical science found out that the body dies not because the ‘animating force has left’ but because something stopped working.
Is it not very odd that 'we' still believe this animating force is what powers us?
In every other field of scientific discovery, when empirical evidence has been amassed showing that the application of a non-scientifically derived cure is immeasurably less effective than one derived by biological knowledge and proper scientific research, it becomes accepted that the 'old ways' are not necessarily 'wrong' but at least inferior. The world moves on and the ‘old ways’ eventually become folk tales, having been superseded by 'better' knowledge. With the soul concept, however, this has not happened.
I feel there is only one reason for this but a multitude of causal links.

The incorrect assumption that the body has an animated force is so easily transmittable.In so few words a whole unspoken story is suggested which the brain receiving the information must answer / fill in. (I’m sure you’ll agree, some brains in particular are more prone to wanting all the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed). I'll illustrate.

It is 40,000 years ago, a small tribe of humans have experienced a dreadful winter crossing Europe northwards and after becoming separated in a forest in a snowstorm, lose one of the tribe.
A much loved uncle lies dead, half covered in snow. The youngest boy in the tribe is the first person to see his uncle and rushes to wake him, pulling at his shoulder.
The nearest person to him has incorrectly assumed, or is merely repeating another older tribal member’s incorrect assumption, that death is caused by the life-force leaving the body. She puts her arm around the boy and stops him tugging, saying, "His life force has left him, he will not wake again."
The child hears the trusted adult, who knows many things, and believes these are the facts.
With no further discussion, ritual takes over; the body is burned or what-have-you, the child is left with a multitude of questions. Questions which it is likely he does not have the comprehension to vocalise and even if he did the responses would be from those who had also incorrectly assumed the same as the first responder.
Question like, "What's a Life force?", "Where has it gone?" and, based on his no evidence, his primitive misunderstanding of reality and a genetic trust of his elders the assumptions flow in his own probability engine(brain). "Uncle’s still Uncle but in some other place I cannot see?", "Perhaps Uncle is WITH grandma in this new place", "Does everyone go there?", "Where is it and what's it like?", "I hope it's nice."

Of course over generations, some of the people who considered these questions will have voiced them around camp fires and such, and others would have posited ideas as to answers. A consensus will have formed of ‘things to say when someone dies’. The line to describe what has happened to Uncle then becomes ingrained with consensus that ‘all’ have made. “His life-force has left for a better place, he will be with granny and they’ll be happy there, without pain, until we join them.”
The child hears the trusted adult, who knows many things, and believes these are the facts.

A number of centuries fall away and the collective assumptions have become the tribes’ ‘book of ways’; the rights & rituals one must make at the death of a loved one in order for their ‘life-force’ to find it’s way to the rest of the tribe in the place that comes after life.

Centuries, even millenniums pass and many tribes find that their ways are similar, they all believe in an animating force that powers the body! A main book of ‘all the ways of the tribes’ forms and centuries later a single ‘way’ emerges;

Not only your relatives find their way to the pearly gates but also,
a way to guarantee that you will be reunited with your loved ones
you won’t go to bad place which is reserved for those despicable goat rustlers.
(Piss Be Upon them!!)

This single misconception from the deep, dark days of our dream-time, the days before we had anything other than survival knowledge, before civilization and complex language, this soul concept has shaped every facet of our world. Every religious system, every prayer, every death by stoning, persecution of women, of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, all religious circumcision male and female, all the blood and torture and supremacist bigotry; all of it, from this one, stupid misjudgement of the facts of human biology by our primitive stupid ancestors.

If in the first instance when the first ‘Uncle’ had died, instead of the incorrectly assuming tribal member turning up, a forensic pathologist had materialized from the future, done a full autopsy and delivered a proper reason for the Uncle's death...
"He froze to death, Sonny; exposure y'know. Ta-ta & toodle-pip." (apparently he was from Victorian London), then would our ancestors have made that incorrect assumption which is the source of all our woes in the first place?
If we’d had the correct information at the start, would we really think we had a magically invisible body part?
Would we be subjugated by this primitive notion of god; that which, by this exploration, is merely a symptom of that ancient misjudgement born in our ignorance?
Who knows, I’d like to think not but we were pretty thick back then, however, I think it’s clear why religion endures. And why the soul concept has managed to evade the normal tide of scientific revelation; it’s our earliest ‘Truth’, a heartfelt wish, aged in the beloved oak barrels of ancestral hope, and we really don’t want to let it go but to progress I think we must choose to jettison the concept.

Work towards finding a way to evolve one if you feel that’s a goal but all of the power of all of the faiths on this earth are based on this one misconception from our evolutionary diaper stage when we were afraid of the dark.

Is it not time we grew out of it?
Is it not time we released the human spirit from the soul trap?

For further reading, "Caveman instincts may explain our belief in gods and ghosts" is an interesting article.

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
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Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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