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Evolution Misrepresented

In response to my post The Clearly Godless Human Eye a religious nut-job tweeted to me "@crispysea I saw your tweet about the human eye Crispy :) I thought I would send you this video I made also (http://bit.ly/fhwFJ9)" so I had a look.
The site seemed to be promoting evolution but it's paper thin a deception, so here's a quick breakdown for you, and for the nutjob, of the laughable human eye video from the deceptively named EvidenceForEvolution.org


This is clearly a religious video which starts laying groundwork to influence the viewer only a few seconds into the dialogue...
40 secs "nothing short of incredible" which attempts to instil a sense of wonder to that which is ordinary. Just counting humans there are 14 billion of these pieces of biological machinery. Take in the insects, birds, animals etc. and this is an item which is commonplace, even boring.
45 secs "perfect harmony" - implying a conductor / arranger
48 secs "precision instrument" - implying manufacturer
49 secs "that ALLOWS" - implying the eye is in control instead of the collection of biochemical reactions it is.
60 secs "no camera invented by man" - implying the eye 'must' have not only been "invented" but also subconsciously suggesting 'by some intelligence other than man'.
91 secs "these tears just happen to have perfect ph balance." - "Just happen" implying this could not be by chance/evolution.
155 secs Iris - "besides adding an element of beauty to the eye." - implying beauty is a 'purpose' of the iris!
167 secs "to let in precisely the right amount of light" - "precisely" implying prior measurement by an outside intelligence.
177 secs "too little light and a proper image cannot form." - The emphasis on the word 'cannot' implies that the eye would be inoperative but this is not the case. The word 'proper' imbues the sentence with sense of pre-ordination about what is 'right and correct' - however an image does form and the animal lives its life dealing with that quality of image.
210 secs "the human eye, my friend, ON COMMAND" - implying once again that it is not a biochemical reaction but that 'we'/our brains have control.
224 secs "countless number of shapes" - Countless? Really? I think we can discount dodecahedron and cuboids and etc. etc. etc.; in fact the shapes the lens can form are not countless. This statement is clearly designed to instil a sense of wonder and awe. The actual number of named shapes the lens can form is one - ovoid - it's the dimensions of the ovoid that changes.
233 secs Retina - "living cells" the emphasis on "living" is designed to instil a sense of wonder and awe, whereas living is its default condition.
249 secs "the image formed on the back of the retina is actually upside down but don't worry, the brain has been programmed to flip the image for us." - Programmed implies an intelligence to program it.

The video tails off with the old chestnut of a watch needing a watchmaker (YAWN) and finally it asks "which way does the evidence steer us my friend - you decide."
"You decide"!! - Outrageous. The entire video is designed to steer the viewer to the conclusion that the eye was created by a god.
The unaware will not notice all the tiny implications and set ups that litter this trash and they are likely to infer from it the answer that the video's producer wants.
"You decide?" Bollocks - there is no attempt to give the viewer free choice.
This is a disgraceful attempt to crowbar god into the evolutionary process which formed the eye. The producer of this blatant misrepresentation of the facts has created a deliberately misleading video full of religious implications and should be thoroughly ashamed of the brainwashing he is spewing into the world.
Dear video producer, please, for the love of humanity take this clap trap down, delete all known copies and keep your mouth shut about a subject you clearly know less about than even I.

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
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Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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