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New Improved Soul Free humanity

A number of times I have posted, as a status update or tweet, "Why don't we teach there is NO evidence of a human soul" and, on a few occasions, it has prompted the responses, similar to “Because you can't teach a negative.” or “We can't teach that something doesn't exist.”

I fail to see why.
When it comes down to it, it's only a concept, a fanciful notion like Leprechauns, Unicorns etc. Maybe one cannot prove that something is non-existent but, surely, one could show, via critical thinking, the improbability of such a thing existing?

I understand the time constraints teachers are under and that it's better to shoe-horn some general critical thinking skills into the curriculum rather than focus on that which is not demonstrably false.
Though I'm not convinced critical thinking is taught correctly, to which Not Only Faith Schools attests, so why don’t we Sacrifice a pair of Archaeopteryx with one rock and make the soul fable the subject of the critical thinking lesson; using the concept of the soul as the example.

It may seem radical to tear down that in which so many store their hopes for the avoidance of death but if we are serious in our attempt to spread rational thought then why not start with the biggest fake-out in the history of the universe?
I mean, there is no evidence whatsoever supporting the conjecture that there is an extra, ethereal quality which, legend has it, is part of each human and, it is said, exists beyond the destruction of the corporeal; that which ‘we’ have traditionally called Soul or Spirit!
That is...

Yet, this fable holds such great sway with a great majority of humanity that the concept of soul is allowed, even encouraged, as harmless a comforter, allowing ‘us’ to pretend ‘our’ loved ones are not really forever lost to us, that we may see them again as Religion - Refuge of the Weak and Powerless explores but this single piece of magical, wishful thinking, that gives only a false sense of security, is the bait of a trap which signs a virtual power of attorney, over the imagined Soul’s destiny to whomever wants to profit from the fearful, impoverished, needy or traumatised individual; exploiting the believer's fear for his/her imagined fragile, unprotected and exposed Soul’s eternal safety.

It’s a bizarre thought process really…
Firstly you must accept you have got a sort of limb you can't see or feel, but can damage, even though you won't be allowed to know how damaged it's become until after you are dead. Then with Satan's shotgun permanently pressed up under your chin, you must spend your whole existence limiting the body parts you can see and feel so that you don't inadvertently cause Satan to jerk that hair trigger, blowing the body part you only think you have, straight to hell forever!
When you break it down like that, it's well screwed, eh?

It is this concept of soul alone by which the theistic human becomes convinced that a component of him/her is in, not merely mortal danger but eternal peril, however, without a reason to believe 'we' have a soul, there is no reason to believe it may be in danger.

If, whilst at work, you received news that a house had burned down in the street where you live, you'd be worried about your house until you found out where the fire was. If however you owned just an empty lot and the campervan you'd driven to work in, you'd be unconcerned.
Similarly with a soul, if I haven't got one, it doesn't matter what anybody says about what its destiny may be. It's irrelevant.

This near global acceptance of the soul fable is, I feel, ‘our’ most damaging mis-direction of reality. The concept of soul is the means by which individual humans are enslaved and subjugated and consequentially by which humanity's collective freedom is held to religious ransom.
And all because of ‘our’ fearful failure to update ‘our’ comprehension of reality; it's a heinous gaping omission in the education of humanity.

The tweet that started this is, I suppose, somewhat contrary, a ruse if you will; it's not really what I'm asking. It's more an attempt to display the discrepancy in education; display the subconscious bias towards magical thinking caused by this acceptance of the soul fable as fact.
Perhaps it should instead say...
Until religions prove the existence of a human soul, shouldn't we teach everyone to merely disregard them?
Or, to put it more directly...
Shouldn't religions be ‘encouraged’ to shut the fuck up until they can prove that their claim, that human's have an immortal core, is sound?

I ask you...
Is there a lesson more suitable than critical thinking
in which to explore this fable?

This is one of the Too Many Questions
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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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