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21 days in May
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On The First Day God Created Evolution.

I've heard it before - I’m sure I'll hear it again.
So, if God created evolution, here are my questions...
Evolution is natural selection:-
1. The lifeform which performs the best in each environment has more offspring.
2. Goto 1.
The 'end point' for evolution is extinction of all life in the universe; while even a single bacteria remains, evolution continues.
So, unless anyone can suggest another reason for ‘why’ a supposedly omniscient god would create evolution, I'm going with...
It can only have been to see how it would play out.

This suggests that he DOES NOT KNOW how it will play out.
I'm assuming this for two reasons…
1. If he did know, what would be the point?
2. If we were to assume a god created evolution because he could not generate humanity any other way then…
a. We must admit that an inability to create humanity directly means god may not be described as omnipotent.
b. Humanity may not consider itself special but rather a merely a link in the evolutionary chain.

That he ‘doesn’t know’ in turn suggests that a god who is 'creator of evolution' may not be the god of scripture - no matter what scripture you read - because in all scriptures, to be a god means to be 'all knowing' and that humankind is 'special' to that god.

Now let's just stand still on that for a minute before we move on.

If a god created evolution, we may only assume that all the scriptures are wrong.
But hey, if they are all wrong, where is the notion of god coming from?
Is it ONLY from OUR need to answer whence we come?
It must be; if all the scriptures are wrong why assume a god?

In fact, all the components of religion crumble to dust the moment you suggest that god created evolution.

There is no soul required for evolution (Evolution is a self perpetuating entropy bubble without it) so there's no need for salvation of that non existent soul, so there's no need for a place for that soul to 'end up'; no heaven required for evolution no hell required.
There's no morality required.
It means Jesus was just a man with some nice principles who got nailed up for sedition; this makes his legend the tale of a revolutionary but not the son of a god. It also casts doubt on how truly virtuous his old ma was!

You see, a whole wall of trouble when you claim God Created Evolution but just for now, let's assume that it's the case, God did indeed create evolution.

For me, if you're going to set evolution running you are going to see it out, aren't you? If you didn't, wouldn't that show fickleness which is, I'd suggest, shall we say, an unattractive trait for a god; not conducive to being trusted?
Yeah, I reckon, you're going to see it through, I mean, you have suspended your omniscience for the duration of it! Not being omniscient myself I can only guess that it would be a bigger handicap than being blind (no diminishment of difficulties associated with blindness intended) Or rather, suspended omniscience as far as this/our universe is concerned; there would be no reason for god to not be omniscient over other domains he may be caretaker of.. Hey that's a thought; all the books seem to suggest that the universe is the only thing in their god's life! That's a little short-sighted wouldn't you say? That 'we' (universe) are his only pastime?

Where was I? Oh yeah, to go to the lengths of suspending his omniscience to see how Evolution turns out; that's taking it pretty seriously, eh?

So, the story becomes...
13 Billion years have slipped by since he cracked off his "bigus bangus" - it's a while ago so I thought Latin would be appropriate :) He's enjoyed watching the galaxies, stars and world upon world form and fall for countless millennia.
Then on this insignificant blue and green planet in the back woods of the universe something remarkable happened, something that has not happened, as far as we are aware, anywhere else in the entire history and size of the universe; life. Innocuous and bumbling, living and dying in seconds at first but over the space of a few billion years it developed into highly complex beings, the dinosaurs, which roam the whole earth for hundreds of millions of years.
I'm not even going to get into the morality of watching dinosaurs tear each other apart for millions of years but he didn't intervene so, either he was enjoying all the blood and gore or he didn't want to screw the evolution experiment.
Then suddenly out of left field, perhaps whilst he was watching the ‘fat lipped platypus’ fuck the guy who'd gave their kids the duck bill (hey, I wonder if that's where "Lord, love a duck" comes from?), a massive disaster consumes the earth. Almost all the dinosaurs are gone in a flash and the cute fluffy mammals take the driving seat.
Another few thousand millenniums and humanity rocks up, all 'the great I am' and 'happening', the first really interesting thing in the evolution experiment(universe), the first sentient thinking mammal (I know we can argue about that but for the purposes of this thought it'll do!) I mean, volcanoes and dinosaurs are all great but for a god who's got EVERY t-shirt there ever was, is, or shall be, they have to be a bit dull and humanity would look, 'All that'!
So, humanity is around for a hundred thousand years or so, wowing god at every turn when, suddenly, god decides to blow off his experiment and remember without his omniscience he has no idea how long it still has to run, to ruin the evolutionary path and nip down to earth for a little horizontal action with a, to all intents and purposes, married woman. Now, fair enough, he's a man, it's not unheard of that a line or two is spun to loosen the knickers but he rewrites the entire history of everything he knows is true, which, I think makes him a liar? or at least a great deceiver like his supposed son.

Now, there are a few questions about this too...
1. I don't know what Mary is supposed to have looked like but let's just say she was carpenter's wife not a footballer's, if you catch my drift. If god was going to ‘rock a lady's world’ would it not have been Nefertiti or some other such grade 'A' product of human evolution?
2. Would a sentient, rational, being who wanted to see the outcome of his experiment (universe) really throw the whole 13 billion year old shooting match in the bin, billions (possibly) of years before its end, for a randy half hour with the hairy wife of an ignorant bronze age desert dweller?
It seems utterly preposterous to me that a 'divine' being would even fancy the descendant of a primate. It's kind of like you or me getting jiggy with an earthworm! Which, I'm pretty sure we'd categorize under bestiality or, for my more easily offended readers, icky!
No, it strikes me that a god of evolution would want to see if something better than humanity came along and not start stirring sprinklings of his weird morality to the evolutionary soup.

So there you go, that'll do, it's probably not every question that dogs the notion of 'God created Evolution' but it's sufficient for me to think...
No religionists, once again, you've got it wrong.

This is one of the Too Many Questions
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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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