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Proud to be an Islamophobe

Recognise these words?


Only one religion generates enough resentment to warrant its own phobia label...


Why do you think that might be?


If you are in favour of
The Declaration of Human Rights
you are already an

Don't believe me?

Find out, give Lorna Salzman's short quiz a whirl...
Are you an Islamophobe?

Do you favor equal rights and treatment of women and men?
Do you oppose stoning of women accused of adultery?
Do you favor mandatory education of girls everywhere?
Do you oppose slavery and child prostitution?
Do you support complete freedom of expression and the press?
Do you support the right of an individual to worship in her chosen religion?
Do you oppose government- and mosque-supported anti-Semitic publications, radio, TV and textbooks?
Do you oppose the wearing of burqas in public places, schools and courts?
Do you oppose segregation of the sexes in public places and houses of worship?
Do you oppose the death penalty for nonMuslims and Muslims who convert to another religion?
Do you oppose "honor" killings?
Do you oppose female genital mutilation?
Do you oppose forced sexual relations?
Do you oppose discrimination against homosexuals?
Do you support the right to criticize religion?
Do you oppose polygamy?
Do you oppose child marriage, forced or otherwise?
Do you oppose the qu-ranic mandate to kill nonMuslims and apostates?
Do you oppose the addition of sharia courts to your country's legal system?
Do you disagree with the qu-ran which asserts the superiority of Islam to all other religions?

If you answered most or all of these affirmatively, you are a vile Islamophobe and deserve to be beheaded as the qu-ran instructs.

If you answered one third or more of them affirmatively, you are a borderline Islamophobe and need to receive brainwashing to become a full-fledged dhimmi.

If you answered a quarter or fewer affirmatively, you need a few private lessons in dhimmitude to scrub yourself clean of those remnants of Islamophobia.

If you answered affirmatively to NONE of these, Congratulations! you are a worthy observant Muslim and have a bright future vilifying Jews, torturing women or inshallah, becoming a suicide bomber.

So, welcome to
or, as it used to be called,

Isn't Islamophobia merely an honest freethinkers natural reaction to the separatist Humanityphobia that the Qur'an teaches?

Please note:
I realize that phobia means "irrational fear".
I understand that the 'fear' of the spread of any totalitarian doctrine is a rational fear.
I know no word whose definition is "rational fear"

I like Lorna's poem because it highlights the preposterous nature of the word. Further though, I felt that Lorna's poem went some way to taking ownership of 'Islamaphobe', in a similar way to the homosexual community taking ownership of "Gay" and the black community taking ownership of "Nigger" but the poem didn't state it was taking ownership, not that it was its purpose. This post was written to highlight that 'take owneship' position. Upon re-reading and after a few helpful readers have pointed out the 'irrationality' problem, I realise I'd not made that point clearly.

So, to be clear, it's an ownership grab, in the absence of a word whose definition is 'Rational fear of Islam'.
If you know Greek or Latin, I'd love to hear some suggestions.

For a concise view of Islamaphobia, as expressed by many unbelievers, check out "Islamophobia" by @ATHE1STP0WER

If you ever wondered where the word "Islamaphobia" came from, it seems the Muslim Brotherhood invented it in the 1990s More Here

Here's a little something on the same subject from Pat Condell
This is one of the Too Many Questions

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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