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Smells Of A Successful Pope

Well, I'd been wondering what to write about El Papa on his 'Big white fish-head looking pilgrim's UK tour.' (A.K.A - Heart Speaks To Heart Tour)
It's kind of all been said...

He came, he saw, but was to early to play conkers

But now he's gone. Yay, and as soon as the HIV promoter's wheels left the tarmac 'they' started with the tour's post mortem and it seems Papa Rat's Episcopal circus is being generally hailed as a success.
I've heard many interviews from bishops, priests, clergy of all shades of the RCC and Anglican totalitarian collar, hail the visit as successful, the media seems generally to be promoting it the same way and it's even the official Vatican and UK government line.
So was it? Successful I mean. Or is that just propaganda to fly through the TV screens of Roman Catholics around the world? And how would one judge its success anyway? By what measure or scale?
We haven't really got any other liars on earth who are in the pope's league, so I thought I'd look for a comparison, to other figures and events of popular culture to find a measure of the true success...

In the UK 5 times as many people watch live football
in an hour and a half
EVERY Saturday
than took the 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity to see the pope.

Does this not suggest that in the UK a visit by an ex-Nazi pope only carries 20% of the importance of footy?

In the first 7 hours after opening,
the box office for U2's last tour,
sold more than 4 times as many tickets
as there were UK citizens who saw the pope live in 4 days.

Doesn't this suggest that the Priestly Paedo' Protector is only 25% as important as U2?

More than double the number of people who saw this pope in his entire visit
saw the last pope at his Scotland appearance alone.

Does this not suggest that in the UK, the unHoly Roman Empire's chief concealer of secrets is only 50% as popular today as 30 years ago?
The day before one of the Pope's senior advisers (Kasper) called the UK a "third world country" marked by "a new aggressive atheism"
That was an epic-mega-fail and we all know it and, I don't think anybody actually believes that Kasper couldn't come because he was poorly. It was insulting to all the UK religions and religious (he called them all atheists). Insulting to the UK's immigrant population, inferring their presence drags Britain down and simultaneously insulting to third world countries whom he was inferring the UK is 'as bad as'. And finally,  insulting to the atheists. However, this wasn't an aberration, this was the papal line...
"Benedict XVI used the first papal state visit to Britain to launch a blistering attack on "atheist extremism" and "aggressive secularism", and to rue the damage that "the exclusion of God, religion and virtue from public life" had done in the last century." guardian
In his opening address to the Queen at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, the pompous pontiff appeared to link atheism to Nazism!! I know he's old but he did know he was in Britain, the bane of fascism, didn't he?.
Did anybody else notice how clean and pressed all the hangers-on looked? Those uniforms looked new, eh? And how many of the people who went to see him had a new suit, dress, hat, shoes or what-have-you? And how much was spent travelling to see him, staying over night etc? All that cash spent to see this guy and hear him insult us! And there were at least a quarter of a million damp crotches scurrying up to the magic man's Best Friend Forever! And to a catholic they spent more than a pound each? More than £10? More than a £100? More than a £1000?
Shall we go with a meagre average for an all-in "Sunday best fit out, B+B and transport" of £500 per head and that's 250,000 heads remember!
That's £125 Million that could have been given to the poor and needy!
Shit, if the Government had had the foresight to put a special 10% tax on anything to do with seeing the old goat, the rest of us wouldn't have had fork out for them to fawn over his holy arse!
Instead of the Pope saying "I'll speak via TV from Vatican and the pay per view ticket price is £10 to by condoms for Africa", the pope, his minions, lackeys, toadies and the faithful collectively, removed 125 million pounds worth of aid from the mouths of starving children to have a lash up with all the glitzy pomp and ceremony!
And all because they're collectively pretending that the god they pretend in thinks the papa is a righteous dude!
The Papa Rapped for, as close as I can estimate, for a total of 90 minutes over his stay, that's actual speeches etc. not the ceremonial stuff that any priest could have performed or a monkey come to that!
Less than 1/216th of the UK population could be bothered to rock up to listen to him for that hour and a half and, while a quarter of a million people saw him, more than a 20th of that number were protesting against his visit!
He spoke with 5 victims of his church's sex abuse scandal for 30 minutes, that's 6 minutes each...
I wonder how that compares with the time their 
priestly abusers lavished upon with them?
The next time one of them wakes up, freezing and soaked through with sweat, in the dark of the night, from yet another nightmare memory of their smashed childhood, I'm sure those few stolen moments with the holy Roman Emperor will be of great comfort.
That's the problem with the people who think they have they ear of a god and the right to be its mouthpiece - no sense of diplomacy!
Do you think he's ever heard the phrase you catch more bugs with honey?
Or, perhaps he'd know it as you can fiddle more kiddies with a bag of sweeties?
And for £12,000,000 quid, given such a collected throng of clergy, every measure of authoritarian faithful, you'd think the big-bastard upstairs would have put in an appearance!
If Papa Rat is so worried about our secular society, you'd have thought he'd have had a word with his immediate line manager!
Surely for an Omniscient being, it would have been an easier gig to conjure up a globally convincing 30 second cameo than predicting that Adam and Eve were going to be tempted!
So, let's set this 'successful' visit into some reality perspective.
But for the RCC's CEO and his publicity machine this is what 'successful' means!
That's an interesting viewpoint, given some of the details above, isn't it?
Do you think it would be wise to remember their shall we say, skewed and propagandised view of 'successful'?
I think from now on, and for long into the future, every time I hear the Roman Catholic church make announcements about how 'successful' they have been in their eradication of sex offenders from their faith, I shall cast a cautious eye, with a clear memory of what the papal visit has shown us about their comprehension of the meaning of that word.
As a final very annoyed thought on the whole embarrassing debacle, check out our fabulous UK politicians in the video below...
The Posh-boy and the two sell outs!
Now you can understand a little toadying from the posh boy, he's a fully loved up pretender in god, so god's be-frocked Best Friend Forever is going to make the Posh Boys knees tremble, isn't he? And that's without mentioning the in-bred reverence for old money he's likely to have!
But Nick Clegg! The ATHEIST! To an atheist there is no god - so that makes every member of the clergy an out and out liar, right?
So, how did Godless Nick manage to not only hold his temper and refrain from blurting, "I can't shake the hand of a liar! So, oh Ratty one, please enlighten us, why do you think it's okay to lie to everybody about creation?", but also achieve the level of simpering sycophant we saw?
And then there was my former heroic champion of equality, Harriet Harman. Check the history. If I remember correctly, only a few months ago, it was Harriet's equality bill that was blocked by bishops in the Lords. She is totally against the pope's stance on equality, yet, there she was, smiling and quivering! Instead of spitting at him in the face and screaming, "I cannot shake your hand you nasty old man until you change your misogynistic, homophobic, HIV promoting and paedophile protecting dogma!", we had more pleasant toadying.
When are we going to get politicians who don't suffer fools?
Politicians who are prepared to give a big fat public wedgey to despots and purveyors of dogma?
Hey! Looks like it hadn't all been said after all! Lol.

Pope meets Britain's political leaders - http://youtu.be/YbWLGNayGbE

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