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21 days in May
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Great Britain - An Immigrants Guide

I have heard that new Britons find it difficult to identify with Britishness because it's not clearly defined.
I say they are not looking hard enough, you have to read a book or two!
The definition of Britishness is in our treasured fables and myths, our brilliant thoughts and deeds, for we, the Britons, have always been brilliant but 'far more better' I think than brilliance, one trait shines through above all else that we are.
In every last story, from ancient legend to cricket pitch, one principle for me is enshrined... Fair play.
That Britain is said to be both a nation of shopkeepers (freemen and free traders) and also run by committee (from parliament to local organisations) is evidence that all decisions are considered by a group of 'interested' parties.
You cannot be judged any better than by a group of your peers.
There is here a deeply ingrained sense of justice for the group which is weighted beautifully against the freedoms of the individual.
I could go on trying to explain but I think this is a more straightforward, if tiny, example of what it is to be a Briton...
We are Merlin, Boudicca, King Arthur.
We are Alfred, Robin Hood, Ivanhoe.
We are the kings of middle fingering Babylon.
We are William Wallace, Rob Roy and King Henery VIII.
We are Queen Elizabeth I, Shakespeare and Cromwell.
We are Rourke's Drift, The Wooden Horse and the Great escape.
We are R.J. Mitchell and Douglas Bader.
We are Emmeline Pankhurst and Diana Princess of Wales.
We are Dorris Lessing, Quentin Crisp, Queen Victoria and Dr Who.
We are the bane of fascism.
We are Steven Hawking and David Beckham.
We are George and the Dragon
We are Faraday, Babbage and Turing.
We are the industrial revolution and Celtic knot work.
We are the battle of Britain and the spirit of the Blitz.
We are Agincourt, Waterloo and Trafalgar.
We are Blackbeard, Morgan, Bartholomew Roberts and the East India Trading Company.
We are free.
We are Tea
We are 'V'
We are Tim Berners-Lee.
We invented almost every ball game you ever heard of.
We back the underdog.
We want the little guy to not be oppressed by the big guy.
We want the play to be fair.
We are implacable and indomitable and no matter what anyone says "Britannia does rule the waves".~ Granddad
We are Churchill and Darwin and Blake.
We are Orwell and Austin and HG Wells.
We are Douglas Adams and Mary Shelley.
We are him off the telly.
We are Brunel, Issigonis and Monty Python
We are Tolkien and Dickens and Roald Dahl
We are Doyle, Carroll and Agatha Christie
We are Viagra, The Jet engine and Radar
We are Newton, Crick and Bertrand Russell
We are Alexander and Ian Fleming (no relation!)
We are cockney rhyming slang and the voice of the valleys.
We are Twiggies, Beatles and Stones.
We, Tim, are also Rock!
We are the isles of never say die with a passion for peace.
It's why we are happy to queue.
It's why we are Great Britain.
It's taken centuries to make it.
It's why you want to come here.

We, the Britons, are the reason you want to live here. We don't care what colour or class or sex you are.
But why must you drag your old customs and religions to a land where evolved so gracefully this clarity of purpose, this high mantra we call fair play?
This is one of the Too Many Questions

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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