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Savage Islam 1 - Blasphemy

The horrific murder of Neda Agha Soltan on 20th June 2009 while she was peacefully protesting the Presidential election in Tehran, Iran was flashed around the world.

Warning this video is distressing.
"Neda Agha Soltan, killed 20.06.2009, Presidential Election Protest, Tehran, IRAN" - http://youtu.be/76W-0GVjNEc

She was just being a human, standing up to the man, protesting for truth an justice, as so many of us do and have done, without suffering anything near the ultimate price she and many others have paid.

Peace to all who have been killed or injured in the various struggles
for freedom, truth and justice around the world.

As it's coming up to the first anniversary of Neda's very public death, I thought I'd have a look at the type of regime she was standing up to and apply Too Many Questions to Islam and its trappings. So for this first post in a series of seven, I’m going to start with a heads up, so everyone can see where I’m coming from...
About blasphemy
For anyone to consider anything someone says as blasphemous, one must first accept that there is an intelligent prime creator of the universe.
This is unproven.
Anyone claiming that an intelligent prime creator of the universe is a truthful fact, may only therefore be considered mentally unstable, a liar or at least misguided.
Until an intelligent prime creator of the universe is proven, any offence of blasphemy must also be considered unprovable.
If, at the end of days, some mouldy old god wants a chat about anything I’ve said, I’m sure he’d be capable of doing so himself without any help from human prohibition.

As one quick proof that Allah either, does not exist, or, does not care what humans say or do heres a... I'd guess you'd call it a prayer!… Eeooow but anyway…
Dear Allah dude,
I’m about to deliver some blistering tirades against you and your followers.
Feel free to impede me, stop me, strike me down but do it yourself! Don't be a lazy bastard; it's no good getting one of your followers to do it because we will all know that you don’t exist if one of your followers has to 'help' you!
And remember Allah babe you need to do it before I publish, or the posts will be out there proving that you didn't stop me because either, you don't exist, or because you don't consider the message blasphemous.
Anyway, non-existent old sky guy Allah dude thanks for listening, or whatever the expected sign off is, here’s the first blistering tirade about that prime piece of fuzzy bollocks, a religion 'you' called Islam…
Wishing you better than you wish us,
PEACE, Crispy er... but you knew that, right?

Muslims listen up. It seems you have been fooled & hoodwinked, I suspect by power crazed evil old men who have controlled you for centuries.
I know you have been taught to believe that the Qur’an is perfectly true and that Allah created the universe but what anyone ‘believes’ is irrelevant - Only facts matter.
On current factual evidence alone…
The genetic record confirms the fossil record
so, currently, evolution is looking most likely and is certainly more likely and reasonable than "allah did it by magic". And before you go claiming, 'allah created evolution', think a bit harder, these are mutually exclusive concepts. one is externally guided, one is not!
for more on this see On The First Day God Created Evolution.
My questions here are simple…
How can any reasonable person choose to ignore the facts in favour of the fable?
To refuse to accept something because it’s not what you want to be true instead of embracing reality, that is the decision of a child, isn’t it?
On current facts alone, stating that Allah is the god creator is obviously idiotic, to me it sounds as silly as someone stoutly proclaiming, 'I don't believe in DNA', so how can the Qur’an still be thought of as anything more than nursery rhymes and fairy stories?

Next post Savage Islam 2 - The Imperfect Book

This is one of the Too Many Questions

PEACE (As-Salamu Alaykum)

Please Note
Before this post was written,
Allah was asked to prevent its publication if he thought it offensive or blasphemous.
He did not, therefore it's sanctioned.


If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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