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A Tot Of Our Father

I have no real idea when I reclaimed my atheism. It was young, maybe 6 or 7. I started noticing some things the grown ups were saying, didn't make sense. I felt silly doing prayers and hymns and pretending like everybody else was.
After a conversation about our respective childhood religious indoctrinations with @CMS11163 I started remembering something that, over half a dozen childhood years, had become a kind of mantra of a tot's defiance - an array of unasked queries about the Lord’s Prayer. A mantra which occupied my head whilst I was forced to speak the expected nonsense to everyone’s favourite invisible friend on the weekly let’s pretend day for ‘grown ups’.
It didn’t seem unusual that the grown ups had a ‘dressing up and pretending day’, we had them in nursery and primary school all the time. They had been fun but, by the age of 8, I thought myself much too grown up for such silly games. I didn’t begrudge those who were still wanting to pretend, it was kind of fun but I just didn’t want any part of that ‘This is just being silly’ feeling that I got every time I prayed.

The Lord’s Prayer
( My Lord’s Prayer Thoughts )

Our Father, which art in heaven,
( He's not my Dad! Dad's my Dad! How do they know he does drawings in heaven? Wherever that is! )
hallowed be thy name;
( Rubbish name hallowed! )
thy kingdom come;
( Why do they say we go to heaven then? )
thy will be done,
( Who will do him? He’s not very great if someone can do him! )
on earth as it is in heaven.
( It’s the same in heaven as here! That’s pants! )
Give us this day our daily bread.
( Don’t like bread, hate crusts! )
And forgive us our trespasses,
( Eh? Is trespass an old word for wee’d your trousers? )
as we forgive them that trespass against us.
( I wouldn’t forgive someone who wee’d on my trousers? )
And lead us not into temptation;
( Why would he do that? That would be a dirty trick! )
but deliver us from evil.
( When did Satan post us and why were we in hell? )
For thine is the kingdom,
( I thought it was called heaven! Where’s 'Thine' now? )
the power, and the glory,
( What? What’s that about? )
for ever and ever.
( Eh? Isn’t ‘for ever’ & ‘ever’ the same? Is the second one really needed? )
( Ahh Men? A man? An men? Eh? What about Awomen? ) 

I guess that's where the Too Many Questions started!

This is one of the Too Many Questions


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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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